Los Altos Hills, CA window shutters

Los Altos Hills, CA window shutters are an excellent choice for homes in the city. City life has wonderful benefits, but it can also be difficult to adjust to as you share your living space in close proximity to lots of other homes, people, and activities. Here are some of the ways that window shutters can address and eliminate some of the issues that city homeowners face and make living in the city the best experience possible.

City living offers the best of art, culture, restaurants, and nightlight. However, most modern cities have continuous light during the day and night, a lot of traffic, a lot of noise, and very little privacy, which can make it difficult to find quiet solitude, get a good night’s sleep, or relax completely.

Hunter Douglas window shutters are very effective at blocking out street lighting. While window shutters don’t give the complete blackout effect that a window treatment like cellular blinds provide, they can be very effective at giving providing a dark and peaceful environment at night. For a complete blackout effect, blackout curtains can be installed on top of the window shutters. These can be closed at night to ensure that no visible light comes into the room.

For noise reduction, window shutters offer a great solution. Because most window shutters have sound proofing capabilities and because they are tightly fit into window frames, they can tame or eliminate many of the sounds of the city. Plantation-style shutters are particularly effective for noise control because they consist of a single panel that completely covers the window (unlike tier on tier window shutters, where a set of shutters is installed on the top half of the window and another set of shutters is installed on the lower half of the window), leaving no open gaps for noise to intrude.

Hunter Douglas window shutters also give city homeowners the combination of complete privacy while allowing natural light to filter in. It can be hard to find privacy from people walking outside and from neighbors who live all around when you live in the city. With window shutters, you can adjust both the shutters and the louvers to the level of privacy you need without sacrificing having light coming into your home. You can pair window shutters with curtains to gain even greater privacy at night since they will eliminate any night light coming in and they will completely obscure any view from outside.

Window shutters are also great for city homes, which may be smaller than homes in suburbs or rural areas, because they make rooms look larger and more spacious. Windows shutter can make even the smallest rooms seem bigger, whether they are open or closed, because of their clean lines and their compactness in taking up space in the room.

Hunter Douglas window shutters provide a durable, appealing, and effective solution to some of the drawbacks that naturally come with living in a home in the city. They will make your nights quieter, your days brighter, and your worries lighter.

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