window shades in Palo Alto, CA

Making an investment in window shades in Palo Alto, CA for your home will add spark, value, and interest to your windows. Many people have the same window treatments that came with their homes when they bought them.

Because window coverings are often one of those interior details we overlook when we are changing the décor of or updating our homes, we often leave window coverings up for many years without giving them a second thought.

Look at the windows around your home. You will probably find some window treatments that no longer operate properly, that have broken, scratched, or nicked places in them, and that have faded over time or that look terribly outdated.

Now is the time to consider replacing these old window coverings with window shades. Window shades can be motorized and incorporated with smart technology so they are one of the best types of window treatments you can have in your home.

So, what type of window shades are there?

One type of window shade that will give you a lot of benefits is Hunter Douglas cellular (honeycomb) shades. These window shades have excellent insulation benefits because of the window shade’s honeycomb design. These cells trap air coming in from the outside and prevent it from entering the interior of your home.

Therefore, when it’s cold outside, if you have a window that’s a bit drafty and lets cold air into the house, having cellular window shades installed will negate some of that draftiness by trapping the cold air. The same is true during the summer when hot air comes in through drafty windows.

You get the benefit of a comfortable and stable temperature inside your home, as well as the benefit of lower energy costs.

Blackout cellular window shades are an excellent choice for bedrooms. If someone in your family works at night and sleeps during the day or you have young children who nap during the day, blackout cellular window shades will block out all outside light, making the bedrooms much more conducive for sleeping.

Roman window shades give a room a very classy and soft feel. Consisting of panels that lie flat when the window shade is closed and fold neatly on each other when the window shade is open, Roman window shades are great for dens, family rooms, and great rooms.

Pleated window shades come in a wide array of colors. They are made of fabric that has many of the same features as cellular window shades. These window shades are an excellent choice if you want top down/bottom up operation for your window coverings.

Solar screen window shades give you the benefit of transparency – an unobstructed view of outside – while blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. These window shades are a great option for large picture windows or for bay windows. They can also be installed outside on porches and around patios to create a cooler environment during the spring and summer for people to gather.

Bamboo woven window shades are a very popular choice for family rooms, rooms, dining rooms, and home offices. They are easy to operate and add a classic touch of wood to the décor of the room. If you have a room in your that has a lot of wood furniture, bamboo woven window shades would nicely complement the rest of the room.

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