Los Altos Hills, CA window coverings

When choosing Los Altos Hills, CA window coverings, there are some things that you should do and some things you shouldn’t do to make sure that your window coverings are what you want and that they complement your design style or décor.

Window coverings are very versatile and can make a tremendous and positive difference in the energy efficiency, appearance, value, and curb appeal of your home. Window coverings can be used to make smaller windows look larger, to add a touch of elegance, to control light coming into a room, and to lower energy costs.

If you’re installing curtains or drapes as your window coverings, hang them so that they are high (one inch below the ceiling is best) and wide (beyond the edges of the window frame) and so that the bottom edge brushes the floor. When you hang curtains and drapes this way, it gives a flow to the room and it can make the room feel larger and airier. This also allows a full view through the window to the outside and allows the maximum amount of natural light in.

When curtains come only to the bottom of the window frame, the room is essentially cut in half and there is no continuous flow from ceiling to floor, which can make the room seem smaller and unblended.

Choose fabrics, patterns, and materials for window treatments that complement your design style or décor. Window treatments, as a design feature, either support the existing décor by blending in with everything else or they serve as a contrast to the existing design.

If your window covering have patterns, be careful not to mix and match too many of them unless you want your home to be quirky and eccentric. One window covering with a pattern, if you choose to use one, is sufficient for most rooms (children’s rooms may be an exception).

Do layer window coverings for better insulation and for eye appeal. Mix and match window coverings so that you increase the energy efficiency of your home while creating an appealing look. For example, if you have window shutters installed inside the frame of window, add lined curtains that you can close at night. This will ensure that you have complete privacy and that the solar gain of the window is maximized.

Don’t forget about the important of color when you are choosing window treatments. For rooms that are monochrome by design, a splash of color from window treatments will be just the right accent to make the room pop. Window shades, window shutters, and window blinds come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to pick just the right one for each room.

Do consider your climate when choosing window coverings. If the humidity is high where you live, avoid real wood window coverings, since they absorb moisture. This can lead to warping, damage, and mildew growth over time. Composite window coverings work best in high-humidity environments.

Don’t forget the functionality of window coverings. Window coverings are primarily designed to control light and provide adequate privacy. For common areas, generally, more natural light is desired, while for bedrooms and offices where computers and other digital devices are being used need more light control. Additionally, bathrooms and bedrooms require more privacy than other areas of the home, so the window covering you choose for them should provide maximum privacy.

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