window coverings in Los Altos Hills, CA

Minimalist design style window coverings in Los Altos Hills, CA are something that you need to consider when you are planning to change the décor of your home to a minimalist style. Minimalist design styles, such as the contemporary and modern styles, are characterized by a very simple style that pulls a room together beautifully using crisp and clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and neutral colors.

The goal of the minimalist design style fits in well with professional organizer Marie Kondo’s KonMari method of decluttering because that’s exactly what the minimalist style does with your home.

Anything that is not essential to the décor of the room is removed, and what is left is functional and simple, which creates a stress-free environment that allows you and your family to relax without a lot of distractions.

Since light is a primary element in enhancing the minimalist design style, window coverings play an important role in creating the overall décor. Light has an interesting effect on enclosed spaces, no matter what size they are. The more natural light that is allowed in, the bigger and less crowded the rooms seem.

Light seems to create space, and that is a key part of what the minimalist design style is supposed to do, whether it’s actually more physical space or the illusion of more space. The other thing that natural light does is create a blanket of warmth, which is impossible to do with artificial lighting.

However, even though light plays an essential role in creating the minimalist style, you still have to consider privacy and solar glare, so the window coverings you choose for this style must be able to both allow the maximum amount of natural light in, but must also be able to give privacy and prevent solar glare when that functionality is needed.

So, what types of window coverings work well with a minimalist design style? The considerations you need to take into account when you’re choosing window coverings for this type of décor is practicality and clean lines, which are intrinsic elements of minimalism.

Hunter Douglas plantation window shutters are a very popular choice for a minimalist décor. They create an uncluttered look because plantation window shutters, unlike curtains or drapes, lying flush with the rest of the wall around the window.

Plantation window shutters are very easy to use. The panels can be opened to allow maximum natural light in, or they can be closed and the wide louvers of the plantation shutters can be adjusted to filter light in or out of the room. This gives you the ability to control privacy and solar glare quite easily.

Another benefit of incorporating plantation window shutters into your minimalist décor is that they are also energy efficient, which can keep the internal temperature constant and comfortable and can reduce energy costs.

Another popular window covering for the minimalist style is sheer cellular (honeycomb) shades. Cellular shades are fitted close to the windows they cover, so there’s no clutter or bulk around your windows. The benefit of cellular shades goes beyond shutting the outside out while letting a lot of natural light into a room. They are one of the most energy efficient window coverings available because of their design: the cells trap outside air and keep it from coming inside, keeping rooms comfortable all year long.

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