window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA

When you’re looking for an energy efficient window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for each window in your home, you are looking for window coverings that can keep the internal temperature of your home comfortable all year and that can decrease the amount of energy that you lose through your windows.

Windows are the main source of energy loss in a home, whether it’s heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. Approximately 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost through your home’s windows during the cooler months of the year, while around 76% of the summer sun comes into your home as heat during the warmer months of the year.

This heat loss during the winter can make your home feel much colder and this heat gain can make your home feel much warmer in the summer. Because you set your thermostat to a comfortable setting to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, your HVAC system will run much more frequently, which will make your energy bills higher.

While all types of window coverings will give you some energy efficiency, there are some window coverings that give you maximum energy efficiency.

Operable window coverings (ones that you can open and close) will give your home the best energy efficiency because they enable you to have total control over natural light, privacy, and they give you the ability to maximize the heat from the sun during the winter and minimize heat gain during the summer.

Of the window coverings that are operable, research has shown that three out of four of residential window coverings stay in the same position – open or closed – every day. If your window coverings stayed closed or open all the time, you should take some time to think strategically about when to close or open your home’s window coverings.

For example, when the weather is cooler, but the days are sunny, you should open your window coverings – especially those that get direct sunlight – in the morning to let the sun heat your home all day long.

Conversely, If the weather is warmer, then you should close the window coverings on windows that get direct sunlight to decrease your home’s heat gain. If you still want some natural light entering your home through open windows, open the window coverings that don’t get direct sunlight early in the morning and after 4 p.m. in the afternoon.

Window coverings that work best for energy efficiency include window coverings that are insulated. They are specifically manufactured to keep cold air out during the winter months and hot air out during the summer months.

Insulated honeycomb (cellular) shades are the best choice for maximum energy efficiency. These window coverings have the highest R-values of any type of window covering. Their honeycomb construction creates air pockets that trap hot air and decrease the amount of heat that is conducted through the window in warm weather. Similarly, during cooler weather, the air pockets trap any cold air coming in through the windows, keeping your home warmer and decreasing the amount of energy needed to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

For maximum solar heat gain reduction, opt for cellular shades that operate on sidetracks. Cellular shades that you can open from both the top and bottom give you the most control over how much natural light comes into your home during the day.

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