window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA

When you’re considering a window covering in Los Altos, CA for every window in your home as you’re remodeling or updating your décor, you may be tempted to just throw something up and move on to larger projects in your home. However, before you move too quickly to the bigger projects, you might want to consider how window coverings add to the value of your home and how they increase your home’s curb appeal.

One of the reasons you may be considering new window coverings is because you’ve done a whole-home windows replacement. Having new windows installed is one of the most common ways that homeowners increase the value of their homes and improve their curb appeal. Beyond this, though, new windows also serve a practical purpose in providing better insulation and lowering overall energy costs.

Why not amplify that effect with new durable window coverings? One of the purposes of window coverings can be to add another layer of insulation to your home.

You may think that means you have dark heavy drapes installed to get the insulating effect of window coverings, but there have been many modernizations in window coverings that enable them to enhance the insulating effect of your new windows.

Some very good choices for enhancing the insulation power of new windows are window shutters and cellular window shades. Because window shutters are installed inside the frame of windows, they provide a snug fit that helps keep drafts out and keeps warm or cool air – in the winter or summer – inside your home.

This provides consistent comfort within your home and decreases the amount of time your HVAC system has to run to maintain the temperature. This translates to lower energy bills during the two seasons of the year when they are most likely to go up.

Cellular window shades – which are also known as honeycomb window shades – have a unique design that traps air on both sides to keep outside air from coming into your home and inside air from exiting your home.

Additionally, there are different configurations of cellular window shades that let you decide whether you want them to filter a little light (more natural light in rooms) or all the light (no natural light in rooms).

Because of this, if you have rooms in your home that need total darkness (day or night), cellular window shades can give you control over that while offering a high degree of insulating power that is added to your new windows.

Window coverings are also a great investment for your home because they can be motorized and integrated with smart technology to give you complete control over when and how they are opened.

While one very important investment feature of motorized window coverings is that they make your home safer for small children and pets because they don’t have cords that these little ones can get tangled up in, they also keep your home more secure because you have complete control over when your window coverings are open and when they are closed, whether you’re at home or not.

Because motorized window coverings can be integrated with smart technology, you can raise and lower them throughout the day from the office, from a remote business trip location, or from that special vacation you finally got to take. This gives the appearance that someone is home even when no one is, and it is an excellent deterrent to break-ins and theft.

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