window covering in Sunnyvale, CA

When you’re choose a window covering in Sunnyvale, CA the windows in your home, the type of climate you live in may not even be among the factors you consider, but it should be.

Window coverings offer additional insulation for your home. Choosing insulating window coverings will make your home more energy efficient. However, not all window coverings work well in all climates. For example, window coverings that insulate best in the Midwest may not offer the best insulation in the West.

There are many different types of window coverings for you to choose from. However, to get the best window coverings for your home, you need to understand what kinds of climates different types of window coverings are best suited for.

For climates that tend to be arid, sunny, and warm, the insulating capabilities of window coverings must include reducing solar gain (how much heat comes through windows), sun glare, and the effect of ultraviolet (UV) rays (which can fade flooring and furnishings in your home).

One of the most popular kinds of window coverings with these insulating qualities for arid, sunny, and warm environments are solar shades. Solar shades are a window covering that provides the maximum amount of sunlight in your home, while it decreases the amount of UV rays that come in and the amount of heat that enters through your home’s windows.

Another kind of window covering that is also very effective in this climate is sheer shades. Sheer shades can flood your home with abundant natural light while reducing the effect of UV rays by up to 99%.

For climates that are primarily rainy and cool, the best kind of window coverings are those that help reduce the amount of heat that is lost from your home. This will ensure that warm air stays inside your home and cold air stays outside your home.

One of the best kinds of window coverings for climates that tend to be cool and rainy is Roman shades. Because Roman shades are heavy and thick, they are particularly effective at keeping cold air out and warm air in your home.

That makes them very energy efficient, which will help keep your power costs much lower when the weather is really cold and will keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Another great window covering option for the rainy and cool climate is window blinds. Window blinds are installed so that they fit snuggly into window frames, which provides another layer of insulation to help keep the interior of your home warm and cozy.

Different kinds of window coverings work best in sunny and rainy climates. This kind of climate features high humidity. Moisture can make some window coverings susceptible to mildew, warping, and fading as time passes.

One of the best kinds of window coverings for a high-humidity climate is faux wood window blinds. Faux wood window blinds are manufactured with synthetic materials that are coated with a finish that looks like real wood.

window blinds in Menlo Park, CAReal wood window blinds will absorb the moisture in a high-humidity climate, and they are likely to develop mold and mildew, to warp, and to fade. Faux wood blinds are an excellent alternative that gives your home the look of natural wood having to worry that moisture will damage them.

Another good window covering choice for humid climates is aluminum blinds. Aluminum blinds, which work well in many different climates, block out harmful UV rays and protect the privacy of your home. Aluminum blinds are easy to maintain, and they are a popular blinds choice where humidity levels are high throughout the year.

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