window blinds in Mountain View, CA

Whether to get  window shades or window blinds in Mountain View, CA is a common question that homeowners who are updating their window coverings have. Both window shades and window blinds have great features that make either of them a fantastic choice for your home.


There are many types of window shades that you can have installed in your home. Window shades hang from a roll and are manufactured from many different types of materials. They hang on a roll, are cordless, and they can be easily integrated with smart home technology. 


One type of window shade that is very popular with homeowners is cellular window shades. Also known as honeycomb window shades, cellular window shades are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Cellular window shades have pockets that trap air at your home’s windows. This means you will have less energy loss from your home. 


Cellular window shades also have varying percentages of opaqueness (the amount you can see through the window shades), with the highest percentage available giving your maximum privacy and room-darkening capabilities for better sleep. 


Roller window shades are an easy window covering solution. They come in many colors, patterns, and fabrics, so they can be seamlessly incorporated to any décor within your home.  


Roman window shades give your windows the look of curtains but they offer a chic look because they fold in stack into pleats when they are opened. Roman window shades can be made out of many types of materials, so you can decide how much privacy and light control they provide for each window in your home. 


Window blinds can be made out of wood, metal, or faux wood. Window blinds give you a lot of control over how much light enters your home, and they provide a high level of privacy when they are closed. 


Window blinds can be raised to allow the maximum amount of natural light to stream in through your window, or they be closed and you can adjust the slats for light and privacy control. Window blinds can be either corded or cordless.  


If you have small pets and children, then you should consider getting cordless window blinds, since they provide the greatest amount of safety for the littlest ones in your home. 


Vertical window blinds are most often seen used on sliding glass doors, but they are a great window treatment for sliding windows as well. Horizontal window blinds are more commonly used on standard sized windows, but they can also be custom made to fit almost any window in your home. 


One of the most popular horizontal window blind is plantation window blinds. If you like the look of plantation window shutters, but have a more limited budget, plantation window blinds are a great alternative. The louvers of plantation window blinds are very similar to the wide louvers of plantation shutters. 

window blinds in Mountain View, CA

Another window blinds option is mini window blinds. These window blinds are made out of aluminum and they are an affordable window blinds solution for any budget. They come in many different colors, so they can be easily incorporated into existing color schemes within your home or used to create a new color scheme in a room or area of your home. 


As you can see, window shades and window blinds each have great things they can add to your home. Which window treatment you decide to go with is simply a matter of taste and what works with your vision for your home. 


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