The Best Source for Window Shutters, Shades, or Blinds in Sunnyvale, CA

When you are ready to install new window treatments, then the first step is to choose the contractor that provides the best products in the industry. It makes sense to consider the quality of these materials. Not only do they need to be built to last, but you deserve beautiful products that will have a positive impact on the appearance of your home. If you are searching for window shutters, shades, and blinds in Sunnyvale, CA, then our team is here to assist.

Windows & Beyond, Inc. is one of the industry leaders in the Bay area. We’ve worked hard to promise quality results for every customer. Over the years, our reputation has been built one project at a time. New customers can have confidence in knowing the quality of our products, based on the positive reviews from the people who have hired us in the past.

Designing Window Coverings for Your Home

Do you have a preference about the design, color, and features that should be included in your custom window covering order? What should the windows look like when the installation is finished? Are there certain features that you desire for these products, such as automation?

These important questions need to be evaluated when designing window coverings for your home. Some customers come to us with pictures that they found online. These photos can be used as inspiration to source products to match. Other times, people don’t know where to start, so we recommend that they visit our showroom to see the available products.

The benefit of working with Windows & Beyond, Inc. is that each design process is unique to match the desires of each customer. We know that your preferences and requests are different than the other customers we’ve worked with in the past. Instead of starting the project with assumptions, we offer a clean slate to learn about your needs.

Excellent Products for Window Blinds, Shades, or Shutters in Sunnyvale, CA

If we were to offer one piece of advice to families in the market for new window coverings, it is that you should always stay away from cheap products. Cutting corners on the quality of the materials will have long-term effects on the overall costs and appearance. For example, cheap window coverings will break with a little wear and tear. As the fabric starts to fade and the cords are no longer functional, then you will need to go through the process of replacing the window coverings yet again.

Instead of the ongoing hassle and problems that come from low-quality products, we are here to provide the durable solutions that are needed for your home. Windows & Beyond, Inc. promises excellence for every project. We want to be sure that you love the appearance of the windows when we are finished with the work.

Here is an overview of some of the products that are offered for your custom project:

  • Hunter Douglas Shutters: We source the material for shutters from Hunter Douglas because of the excellent reputation of this manufacturer. If quality is a priority, then you can be confident in the results that are available from Hunter Douglas.
  • Blinds: Regardless of your budget, blinds can be a great solution to cover the windows. We have basic products that are great for affordability, especially if you are installing the products in a rental unit or back bedroom. On the other hand, stylish, luxury products are also offered if you would like to create a beautiful home with an executive style.
  • Shades: Don’t underestimate the benefits that are available from shades. These window coverings are designed with fabric to cover the windows. You can choose simple shades with the fabric color of your choice. Or, talk to us about energy efficiency solutions designed with a honeycomb pattern for insulation.

The possibilities are endless when you choose our team to help with window shutters, shades, and blinds in Sunnyvale, CA. We promise custom results for your home, making it easy to upgrade the function and style of the property.

Why Do You Need an In-Home Consultation?

Can you access all of the necessary information in our showroom? Or is it necessary to schedule a consultation in your home? The most effective way to get an accurate estimate for the work is to invite our team to come to your home for a consultation. We need to measure the windows and see the installation requirements so that these details can be built into the price of the project.

We’re here to assist with everything you require for window blinds, shutters, or shades in Sunnyvale, CA. Visit Windows & Beyond, Inc. at our nearest showroom: 633 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041. Or call: (650) 318-6828