Amazing Results for Window Shutters, Blinds, or Shades in Los Altos Hills, CA

Windows & Beyond, Inc. has proudly served Los Altos Hills and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Whether your priority is energy efficiency, privacy, room darkening, ease of use, or child and pet safety, you can count on the design team at Windows & Beyond, Inc.!

Count on the knowledgeable and friendly professionals at Window & Beyond, Inc. to coordinate your decorating project from start to finish. Our distinctive services include professional measuring, experienced installation, and design advice – all provided with a local flair since we’re independently owned and operated.

Whether you have 1 window or 100 windows, no job is too big or too small for us to come out and assess your needs. We are happy to offer you the convenience of coming to your home or business to show you our selection of window coverings.

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Now that you’ve decided it is time to upgrade the window coverings in your home, you need to consider the options offered in the industry. What are the right products and services to create the home you’ve always wanted? You’ll find a range of solutions, including window blinds, shutters or shades in Los Altos, CA.

At Windows & Beyond, Inc., we provide the personalized attention and custom design services that you need. If you are considering these upgrades for your property, then you are welcome to contact us at your convenience for information about the products. We strive to educate our customers without making you feel the pressure of immediate installation. Every home and family are unique, which is why we work around your preferred timeline and design preferences.

The most important thing that you should remember is that you have many options for this installation. You don’t have to choose the products by yourself. Instead, our team is available to offer the advice and support needed to create the home of your dreams. If you are preparing to improve the window treatments in your home, then the first step is to contact us for help.

Advantages of New Window Shutters, Blinds, and Shades in Los Altos Hills, CA

Is it necessary to install new window coverings in your home? It is incredible to see the advantages your family will enjoy when we are done with the installation. These are some of the common benefits that our customers are seeking:

  • Privacy: Create improved privacy by covering the windows with quality materials. This privacy ensures that you can be comfortable in your home at all times.
  • Efficiency: Did you know that the right window coverings can have an impact on energy usage in your home? Talk to us about efficiency options, such as honeycomb shades that help to insulate the windows.
  • Safety: Often, homeowners come to us for help with improving safety for pets or children. We can install cordless window coverings that reduce the risk of injury.
  • Style: Outdated window treatments can drag down the appearance of your home. Talk to us at Windows & Beyond, Inc. about the latest design features that will transform the style of your property.
  • Room Darkening: It can be frustrating to have light filtering through when your kids are trying to nap during the day. Choose window covering products that are designed with the best materials for room darkening.
  • Ease of Use: Your window treatments should be easy to open and close when you want to uncover the windows. You can select manual features or talk to us about automation if desired.

There’s no question that your family will benefit from these home renovations. If you want to upgrade your home, then Windows & Beyond, Inc. is here to help.

Categories for Window Coverings

When you talk to our team about the available products in the industry, you will find that these products typically fall into three categories. All of these options can be used to cover the windows. But there are pros and cons to each design. You need to determine your priorities and then talk to us about your preferences for the installation.

  • Blinds: Blinds can be designed with either horizontal or vertical slats, depending on the layout of the window and your installation preferences. We have affordable solutions with durable materials, as well as luxury designs that look great in every home.
  • Shades: A great option to consider is to cover the windows with fabric. Shades can be designed with rollers or pleated material. You have the opportunity to choose the type of material that is desired, as well as the colors and patterns.
  • Hunter Douglas Shutters: For a timeless design and luxury features, shutters offer great solutions for your installation. We provide the reputable Hunter Douglas brand to ensure quality and durability for years.

What is the right style for your window shades, shutters, or blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA? As you are considering your options, you are welcome to talk to us at Windows & Beyond, Inc. for information about these products.

Showroom Visit or In-Home Consultation

At Windows & Beyond, Inc., we offer three convenient showrooms so that you can see the products that are offered. These showrooms give you a feel for the appearance and style of different window coverings. Additionally, our experienced staff is available to answer questions and offer information.

Another solution is to schedule a consultation in your home. When you are ready for window shutters, blinds, or shades in Los Altos Hills, CA, then we need to measure your windows. We’ll create a proposal to match your needs. For personal recommendations, visit Windows & Beyond, Inc. at 633 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041. Or call to schedule your consultation: (650) 318-6828

Window Coverings FAQs

  • What is the best window covering option when it comes to light and privacy?
    • Unless it’s a bedroom or theater room, most rooms will benefit from semi-opaque options that allow natural light to filter in during the day but still allow enough privacy at night. It’s the most popular choice. Opaque or blackout options are for darkening the room where light is not wanted and privacy must be optimal.
    • Click here for more info about the light and privacy option.
  • How safe are the window coverings you offer?
    • We have come a long way from standard cords that get longer and longer as you pull up a shade. We offer Hunter Douglas that designed a retractable cord that is much sleeker and easier to use. But if you prefer no cords at all, that’s not a problem. We offer manual and remote control options that are simple and fun to use.
    • For more info on how safe our window coverings are, click here.
  • Can window coverings improve energy efficiency?