window blinds in Mountain View, CA

You may not be aware of all the ways that window blinds in Mountain View, CA can do good things for your home. Window blinds are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. This means that you can easily match them with your home’s existing décor or you can use them to create a brand new décor for your home.

One of the good things that window blinds do for your home is that they give you maximum control over the light coming into your home. Whether your window blinds are vertical (typically seen on sliding glass doors, but these are also an excellent choice for sliding windows or oversized windows) or horizontal, you can easily adjust them during the day and at night to have just the right amount of light – or no light at all – coming into your home.

The reason why window blinds are very effective for light control is that they have more than one way that you can control the amount of natural light that is allowed inside your home. For the maximum amount of natural light, you can raise the window blinds. To have fine-tuned control over how much natural light comes in, you can keep the blinds closed and tilt the slats of the blind to increase or decrease the amount of amount in the room.

You should really think about adding a top-down/bottom-up option to your window blinds because this gives you maximum control over how much of the window blinds themselves are open.

Top-down lowers the window blinds from the top of the window, which lets light in at the top of the window while keeping the bottom of the window private. The window blinds can be raised and lowered a little or a lot. Bottom-up gives you the functionality of traditional window blinds, enabling you to raise or lower the bottom portion of the blinds to your preference.

Window blinds do good things for your home by boosting the insulation of your windows. A significant portion of what you pay for energy for your home can be attributed to energy loss through your home’s windows.

Window blinds add an insulating layer to your home’s windows that can decrease energy loss and reduce your energy costs. For example, closing window blinds during the heat of the day in the summer can cut down on solar heating, which can make your HVAC system run more often. In the winter, keeping your window blinds closed gives you an additional barrier to keep cold air out, which can keep your home warmer and cozier.

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Window blinds do good things for your home by contributing to the overall look and feel of your home. Because window blinds come in so many kinds of materials and in many different colors, your windows can play a role in the style of your home.

Window blinds also do good things for your home because they are the perfect window coverings for non-standard sized windows. Window blinds can be custom-built to fit any shape or any size of the window. If you have arched, round, or octagon-shaped windows in your home, you can have custom-fitted window blinds easily installed on them.

In fact, you can have custom-built window blinds installed on any – or all – of your home’s windows to create a unique look that increases the curb appeal of your home.

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