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When choosing a window covering in Los Altos, CA for every window in your home, you may not be thinking about why you need window coverings in your home. Because we don’t often give window coverings much thought, we seldom realize all the ways these essential elements enhance our homes.

The primary reason most of us buy window coverings is to make sure we don’t have bare windows inside our homes. Window coverings give you and your family privacy, by keeping what’s inside your home hidden from the outside and keeping what’s outside your home hidden from the inside.

When you select a high-quality Hunter Douglas window covering, you can be assured of your home’s privacy. This will give you and your family a greater sense of security. It will also give you the confidence that your precious belongings are not exposed to the outside world, where someone might be tempted to break into your home and steal them.

A good-quality window covering, however, doesn’t only provide privacy for you and your family, but it also will give you light filtering capabilities. You and your family don’t have to sit inside a dark home to have the privacy you need.

Light control, therefore, is another reason why you need window coverings in your home. You may want a lot of light inside certain rooms in your home during the day. You may want less or no light in rooms where you or your family need to sleep or nap during the day or to block out outside light at night. Whatever needs you to have for each window in your home, there is a window covering that can meet them.

Blinds are an excellent choice if you have the most significant amount of control over how much light you want in your home. Blinds can either be vertical or horizontal. With blinds, you can easily adjust them for light control in any room at any time.

Blinds, for example, are easy to close if you want to limit the amount of light coming into your home during the sunniest part of the day. They are just as easy to open when the sun is lower during the morning and evening hours.

Your home needs window coverings to protect the contents of your home from ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays are the sun’s harmful rays. When you’re outside, overexposure to UV rays can cause painful and, in some cases, life-threatening sunburns. UV rays outside your home are also responsible for fading colors on your home and on your vehicles.

Similarly, UV rays inside your home can damage hardwood floors, hanging art, rugs, carpets, and cloth furniture. As UV rays penetrate the inside of your home, they will fade fabrics and other materials.

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As the damage progresses, you will need to restore (hardwood floors, for instance) or replace the damaged items. Replacing or repairing damaged furniture and flooring every few years can be a very expensive proposition.

Your home also needs window coverings because they increase your home’s energy efficiency. If you have energy-efficient windows installed, then window coverings can increase the window’s energy efficiency.

If your home’s windows are older and don’t offer as much energy efficiency, then a window covering will help make them more energy efficient. This ensures that your home is comfortable year-round and that you’re using less energy and saving money on energy costs.

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