window covering in Los Altos, CA

Why do you need a window covering in Los Altos, CA for each window in your home? Well, the most basic answer is because no one wants to live in a house with bare windows. But beyond that, window coverings not only add functionality to your home but also make a house a home.

Why Window Coverings are Important?

Window coverings are important because they add energy efficiency to your home. Even if you have older windows, which are not as energy-efficient as newer windows, window coverings, such as Hunter Douglas window shades, window blinds, and window shutters, can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows during cold weather and reduce the amount of cool air lost through windows during hot weather.

Since up to 30% of heat and cooling loss in a home is attributable to windows, window coverings can make a big difference in how comfortable the interior of your home is and how much money you’re spending for power each month.

Window coverings can help make the things inside your house, such as furniture, flooring, carpets, and rugs last longer. Window coverings can help improve the quality of your sleep. And window coverings can even ease the ever-rising cost of your energy bills.

Layered window coverings or window coverings with insulated backing add to the energy efficiency of your home and will result in even greater savings in energy costs.

Window Coverings Provide Privacy & Safety

Window Coverings Provide Privacy & Safety

Another reason why window coverings are important is that they provide privacy and safety for your home. Think about movies or shows with scenes where a window doesn’t have a window covering and the camera shows us everything that’s going on inside the room, usually through the eyes of someone whose intent is negative. We get uncomfortable watching the antagonist watching through the bare window.

Similarly, we don’t want people outside looking into our homes through bare windows, either in bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is of utmost importance or when we are away from home for short or longer periods of time, which is when our home’s safety is most important.

With Hunter Douglas window blinds and window shutters, we can have both privacy and safety, while still allowing natural light into rooms, by leaving the window blinds or window shutters closed and simply adjusting the slats or louvers.

Window Coverings Provide UV Rays Protection from the Sun

Window Coverings Provide UV Rays Protection from the Sun

Another important function of window coverings is providing protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. While the warmth and light from sunlight that comes in through windows can be comfortable for a while, too much of it can cause problems both for the contents of our homes and for our families and us.

Just as we can get sunburned from too much exposure to UV rays outside, we can also get sunburned inside our homes from excessive exposure to UV rays. Additionally, UV rays can damage furniture, wood flooring, carpets, and rugs over time, which means we’ll have to replace or repair these items more frequently, which adds additional costs to maintaining our homes.

Window Coverings Provide a Finished Look to your Home

Window Coverings Provide a Finished Look to your Home

Window coverings serve another important purpose in our homes by providing them with a finished look. Different styles of window coverings give rooms their own look and feel. They can add panache and color or they can blend in beautifully with the décor or theme that already exists.

By having room-darkening window coverings in bedrooms, we can get a better night’s sleep. With the abundance of artificial light that keeps nighttime bright, as well as the longer days of summer, when the sun sets late into the evening, sleep is often disrupted. By having window coverings that make our bedrooms completely dark, we have the optimal environment to sleep well and soundly through the night.

The Importance of Window Coverings can Improve Your Life

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