window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA

Window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA are window treatments that are commonly already installed when you buy a home. As time passes, you gradually upgrade different parts of your home as things wear out or you just want a newer look and feel.

You likely have undertaken or about to undertake several remodeling or renovation projects in your home. Maybe you got tired of the color of your walls or the paint was fading and needed to be refreshed, and you’ve repainted the ceilings and walls throughout your home.

Perhaps you’ve replaced appliances, countertops, cabinets and sinks in your kitchen because you wanted a completely different design scheme that gave it a more modern or cozy look and feel.

Bathrooms are often one of the first renovation projects that homeowners do after they’ve been in a home for a while because toilets, tubs, and sinks wear out and replacing them offers an opportunity to change the entire design of the bathrooms.

Flooring is also a common upgrade project because the current flooring wears out or isn’t a practical choice for the household.

But, in all the upgrading, renovating, and remodeling, the most overlooked element that needs to be upgraded or changed is window blinds. We take window blinds for granted until they almost become invisible, so we don’t think about including them in our home upgrade projects.

Why should you upgrade your home’s window blinds?

One reason to upgrade your home’s window blinds to a different type of window treatment, such as window shutters or cellular shades, is because the rooms are too hot or too cold, even though you have your thermostat set on a comfortable temperature.

Most of a home’s heat or cool air escapes through the windows. Older window blinds don’t offer a lot of insulation, unlike window shutters and cellular shades. Window shutters insulate windows because they are installed snuggly inside window frames, which literally ensures that no cold or hot air can come into or leave the home. Cellular window shades are designed to trap hot or cold air coming in through windows so that it doesn’t penetrate the room the window shades are installed in.

Both of these window treatments will offer much better insulation than window blinds, which will mean rooms will be more comfortable, your HVAC system will run less frequently, and you will see lower energy bills.

Another reason to upgrade your window blinds is to give your home a newer and more modern look. Most of the window blinds installed in homes are several years – if not decades – old. There are new window blind styles that bring an updated feel to the rooms they are installed in. With many more types of materials and colors to choose from, new window blinds can totally makeover any room in your home.

With age, window blinds simply don’t work as well as they used to. Many older window blinds are manufactured with materials that are less resistant to wear and tear. You may have window blinds that have bent slats, broken slats, tangled messes of cords, or are faded.

When cords and slats are not functioning properly, the window blinds won’t function properly. When they don’t, this is a good time to consider replacing them with motorized window blinds, which are easier to use and add safety to your home.

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