window shutters in Menlo Park, CA

Shutters, on average, are more expensive than blinds, which is why most people don’t buy them. But that is not the end of the story. As experienced providers of window shutters in Menlo Park, CA, we can speak to the benefit of shutters and why you should consider them.

1. Shutters offer maximum control of light and privacy

A lot of the advantages of window shutters rest on their design. One of them is flexible control over light and privacy.

You have simultaneous control over how much light comes into a room and how easy it is to see into the room. The degree of control depends on the shutter style configuration and the louver.

For instance, with tier-on-tier shutters, you can keep the lower section closed for privacy and the upper section open for light.

You can only open, close, or tilt blinds at an angle.

2. Shutters are built to last

Whatever shutter you choose, shutters are incredibly durable. They are attached to the window frame, so there is little wear and tear, and they are less likely to suffer accidental breaks.

Blinds come in durable material, but they are not fixed in place and, thus, more likely to break. They are also more likely to suffer discoloration from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Shutters, even when they are open, limit the impact of the sun on your decor, like furniture and carpets.

3. They are more child-friendly

Blinds have cords for manual control that can be dangerous for a child. Shutters don’t have any. This makes them a better option for children’s rooms and nurseries.

The better control of the light also creates blackout options that guarantee them a good night’s sleep.

4. Shutters are more energy efficient

Shutters are built to fit the window to the nearest millimeter. The panels are attached to a frame fixed into the window reveal.

There are fewer gaps for cold air to get into a room or for hot air to escape, so the temperature stays the same. It is an advantage that saves you money on energy bills.

Blinds have a similar design, but they are not attached to the frame. So, if the window is open and there’s a breeze, the blinds move around, allowing air to escape.

5. Shutters are easier to clean

Blinds are easier than curtains but harder than shutters, and not having a window covering at all is the easiest.

Still, with shutters, you come pretty close. The louvers are solid and fixed and less likely to sway about.window shutters in Menlo Park, CA

Plus, they only need quick use of your vacuum’s brush attachment, and the shutters are good as new again.

6. Shutters are more discreet

Aesthetically, shutters blend more into a home’s architectural design than blinds. It is attached to the window and looks like a part of the window entity.

Practically, on a breezy day, blinds rattle. It is distracting if you or your children nap during the day or prefer opening the windows at night to sleep.

Want to give shutters a try? Reach out to Windows & Beyond, Inc. We are a Menlo Park, CA window shutters provider and installer, and our experts are ready to help you get started. Call us or visit our location today to upgrade your window treatments.