window blinds in Palo Alto, CA

When you’re considering window blinds in Palo Alto, CA, it’s a good time to think about updating your guest bedroom. Since these rooms don’t get used as often as the other rooms in your home, it can be easy to set a guest bedroom up and never think about it again.

But when you update the theme or décor of your home or decide to do some home remodeling or renovation, it’s a good time to look at your guest bedroom and update its look and feel. There are some very easy ways to do these updates to make your guest bedroom fresh and inviting to overnight visitors.

One of the easiest ways to update a guest bedroom is by repainting it. You may have a paint color that was in vogue when you purchased your home, but now it doesn’t fit in with the décor or theme of the rest of your house. If your guest bedroom has just one window, choose light glossy colors for the ceilings and walls so that more natural light is absorbed, and the room feels warmer and more spacious.

Another way to update a guest bedroom is to get new bedding and new bed coverings. You may have a futon or pullout sofa in your guest bedroom. While these are good options for many people, you may have guests that don’t find them as comfortable as they would an actual bed.

Consider moving the futon and pullout sofa to the great room or den for extra sleeping options when your kids have sleepovers and put a bed in the guest bedroom.

Make sure you get comfortable linens and welcoming comforters or blankets that complement the paint colors you chose for the walls. Avoid overdoing the blankets and piling a lot of decorative pillows on the bed.

Decorative pillows are just that, so you don’t want your sleepy guests having to spend a lot of time taking pillows off the bed and wondering where to put them when they simply want to go to bed and sleep. Too many blankets layered on the bed will make it more difficult for your guests to make the bed when they get up since layered blankets tend to shift around during sleep.

A third way to update a guest bedroom is to have Hunter Douglas window blinds installed. While we often forget about windows when we’re updating a room, they are an important part of the overall feel and appearance of the room. Hunter Douglas window blinds are available in many times of materials and colors, so you can use these to bring the room together color-wise or to provide interesting color contrast.

Another great way to update a guest bedroom is to hang new artwork. This can be done very inexpensively by having prints of famous or sentimental artwork framed in a nice frame at an arts and crafts store.

Another fun way to add artwork is to have your family put together jigsaw puzzles. Put the puzzles together on a sturdy piece of heavy cardboard (available at arts and crafts store in the art or school supplies section – be sure to get two the same size).

When the puzzles are completed, but the second piece of heavy cardboard on top of it and flip it over. Take the top piece of cardboard off and spread an adhesive on the back and let it dry (about 48 hours). Have the puzzle framed and use it as a conversation piece in your guest bedroom.

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