window coverings in Mountain View, CA

The new year is a chance to remodel and upgrade your home’s look. According to window covering experts in Menlo Park, CA, if you are updating your windows, here are trendy options for 2022.

1. Multi-purpose Shades for Dual Purpose Spaces

As we settle into the permanence of working from home, homeowners keep looking for fresh ways to create multi-functioning spaces within a minimalist theme.

Hence, there has been a greater interest in window shades that combine light filtering sheer and room-darkening liners into one roller shade. A common go-to choice is Hunter Glass’s Silhouette Sheers and Luminette shades.

The two of them do a great job of combining light diffusion and adjustable levels of privacy.

2. Natural Color Pallets in Cozy and Textured Fabrics

Climate change is drawing many people closer to nature, and designers in 2022 have seen an increase in homeowners who want to bring the outdoors in.

To achieve this, buyers are turning to natural wood finishes combined with earthy color pallets. Together, they create a calming and natural ambiance.

Thankfully, this trend is executable with various options across blinds, shades, and shutters. However, roller shades continue to be the leading window covering trend in 2022 because of their minimalist style.

3. Home Automation

Home automation is another trend gaining more footing in 2022. More and more homeowners are embracing smart home technologies to manage their homes.

Automated window coverings like motorized shades are in demand. They are programmable to block out excessive sunlight and offer privacy when needed.

Windows & Beyond, Inc. offers a wide selection of motorized window coverings controllable with remote, iOS, or Android devices. They are also compatible with other smart home systems like Nest, Logitech, Elan, and more.

4. Woodgrain is in season

We’ve mentioned how the increasing desire to reconnect with nature is driving interest in natural color pallets. The same phenomenon is playing out with woodgrain.

Woven woods and reeds give window coverings an irreplaceable organic texture. It’s not just not the coverings either. Woodgrain laminates are also becoming a popular choice for replacement windows.

But the benefits aren’t just sentimental. Woven wood shades also provide a cozy texture and give your environment an architectural feel.

5. Minimalist Sheerswindow blinds in Menlo Park, CA

Sheer shades have always been popular, and that remains true in 2022. They provide soft, diffused natural light and are another way to bridge indoors with the outdoors. Especially for those who might not be a fan of wooden textures or color pallets.

Sheer window treatments come in different coverings, including louvers and panels. The soft fabrics are available in different colors and opaque, translucent, and room-darkening materials.

Overall, these trends say one thing. The conceptual idea of what the modern home should look like continues to evolve. It can be challenging to keep up and find what works for your indoor space.

At Windows & Beyond, Inc, a leading Menlo Park, CA window covering provider, our experts are willing and open to helping you with these decisions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call us now or visit our location to speak with an expert.