window shades in Menlo Park, CA

When you are choosing new window shades in Menlo Park, CA, you should definitely think about having smart window shades installed in your home, regardless of whether you are replacing or upgrading your home’s current window coverings you are having them installed in a new home that will have smart technology incorporated throughout the house.

You may be wondering why you should be thinking about smart window shades. One reason to consider is how useful it is to have technology that lets you raise and lower window shades that are hard to reach (on a high window or behind furniture that you can’t move easily).

But this is not the only reason why you should be considering investing in smart window shades for your home. Another reason is that, by simply using a smartphone, you can control when all the window shades in your home are opened and closed.

What this does is to let you take full advantage of sunlight, ensure your home’s privacy, and make sure your home is secure at all times. If you are not at home during the day or you and your family leave your home for a period of time, you can raise and lower all the window shades regularly throughout the day to make it appear as though you are home. This will keep potential thieves from targeting your home to burglarize while you’re not there.

Window shades in Mountain View, CAAnother reason to consider smart window shades is convenience. You can use smart technology to schedule when your home’s window shades are opened and closed. You can set one schedule for weekdays and a different schedule for weekends.

This has the practical – and energy efficient advantage – of letting you lower your window shades when it’s hottest during the day in summer months. Not only will your home maintain will a consistent comfortable temperature, but you will also lower your energy costs.

When you’ve decided to have smart window shades installed in your home, choose window shades that have the widest range of integration with smart technology. This will help you have confidence that as technology upgrades and changes, you will still be able to use your smart shades with no problems.

The easiest way to incorporate smart technology throughout your home is to have a smart home wireless hub installed. This hub will let you connect all the smart devices – including your smart window shades – in your home.

You will be surprised at how much smart technology integration in your home will allow you to do. One example is to have your smart window shades and your home’s lighting work in tandem with each other.

When your smart window shades are opened, you can have all the lights in your home turned off and when the smart window shades are closed, you can turn on specific lights in your home.

Smart window shades are available in many different styles, including roller window shades, cellular window shades, pleated window shades, and Roman window shades. You can pick the window shade style that works best with your home’s design (including mixing and matching different styles based on each room and its functionality).

Smart window shades have many advantages. One advantage you’ll appreciate most is that they help with your home’s insulation. For example, smart cellular window shades are a great energy efficiency choice, because they keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. This will lower your energy usage and your energy costs throughout the year.

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