window blinds in Menlo Park, CA

New year, new blinds and fresh looks. Are you ready to trade in your old treatments for new window blinds in Menlo Park, CA, to upgrade your home or office décor? We’ve put together five of the top window blind treatments for 2022.

Whether you are looking for aesthetic, privacy, or technological reasons, these are the best and most popular options right now.

Let’s get into it.

1. Cordless Blinds

If you still have corded blinds, it is time to get rid of them, especially if you have children or vulnerable adults. It is easy to get entangled in them.

Operationally, cordless blinds are safer and easier. All you have to do open or close is, raise or lower them—no need to untangle cords or untie knots.

Thanks to technological advancements, there is a diverse range of cordless blinds. They are available in different styles, functions, and safety options.

Beyond the safety value, cordless blinds are better-looking. There are no ugly cords, and everything is more streamlined and fits better with your home décor.

2. Eco-Friendly Blinds

Cost-wise, energy-efficient blinds can save you up to 40% on power usage and block over 90% of direct sunlight. They also provide better indoor air quality than their non-eco-friendly counterparts.

They are made from recycled materials – textiles, metals, and ocean plastic waste.

A notable example is Hunter Douglas’s Metal Venetian Blinds, made from 98% recycled aluminum. And there are more in different colors and styles.

In 2022, your home can be green and cool.

3. Smart Blinds

Our lives and technology continue to mesh in different ways, and the trend continues with smart window blinds. With your phone or tablet, you can control your blinds without leaving where you are.

One person or several people can have remote access, which is convenient for office environments. It’s also possible to integrate them with your smart home hub.

Also, you can program smart binds to open or close at specified intervals. Want your blind to wake you up at 7 AM or close at a specific hour in the day? That exists now.

Smart blinds are available in various styles and color options. You don’t have to give up your well-curated décor arrangement to upgrade.

window blinds in Menlo Park, CA

4. Real Wood Blinds

Before more people became environmentally conscious, wood was an interior décor favorite. As eco-friendliness becomes a priority for many, the trend has only intensified.

Wood blinds pair well with any home décor and finishes. They are also available in different types of wood, stains, grains, and paint hues.

Real wood blinds are also available in different designs. You can get one with rootless states, cloth tapes, or privacy slats for extra light filtration and privacy.

5. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are gorgeous looking affordable blinds, which is why they are never out of trend.

You can get them in different sizes. They are cordless and are available in black, white, and wood tone.

Those are the five top window blinds in 2022. We can’t wait to find out what you will get. Visit our showroom for your window blind upgrades in Menlo Park, CA, or call us for a virtual design consultation.