window shutters in Menlo Park, CA

The popularity of window shutters in Menlo Park, CA has not diminished over time, and they are always included in the newest decorating trends and styles. Window shutters have a timeless appeal to homeowners, and that is why you should consider having them installed in your home when you’re looking at new window treatments.

Here are some reasons why window shutters are such a popular window treatment option with homeowners.

Hunter Douglas window shutters give your home a classic and enduring look. When you are thinking about having new window treatments installed throughout your home, you are looking for something that will be durable and will look fashionable no matter how much the rest of your home changes as you update furnishings and decor over time.

Window shutters have not ever gone out of style, nor will they go out of style. They give your home a solid and beautiful decorating base that you can upgrade around without them ever looking as if they are out of place or they are a relic.

You might not be aware of how much value the right window treatments can add to your home. Hunter Douglas window shutters add significant value to your home both as an investment and in terms of curb appeal.

You may decide to sell your home in the future because of a career opportunity or to move somewhere else to spend your golden years. Window shutters will increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers, and they will increase the asking price for your home.

This makes having window shutters installed very appealing to homeowners who know they will be in a home for just a few years, because they know they will recoup their investment when they sell their home.

Hunter Douglas window shutters also make your home more energy efficient. Whether you have older windows in your home or you have just had new replacement windows installed, window shutters will enhance the insulation of your windows.

Window shutters are installed so they fit tightly within your window frames. This effectively seals off any potential air leaks in older windows that let energy escape from your home and send your power bills soaring when the weather is really hot or really cold.

If you’ve had new replacement windows installed in your home, having window shutters installed will simply make your new windows even more energy efficient, which will mean you will get the maximum comfort in your home all year around while paying less for energy.

This is one of the ways that having window shutters installed in your home will pay for themselves over time.

Hunter Douglas window shutters are also popular with homeowners because they offer so many levels of light control, ventilation control, and privacy control.

window shutters in Menlo Park, CAThe amount of natural light you want in your home may vary from day to day, day to night, or even time of day. Window shutters enable you to allow as little or as much natural light in your home with ease at any time by adjusting either the window shutter panels or louvers to your desired open or closed position.

Ventilation control is easy to do with window shutters. When the weather is nice and you want fresh air to flow through your home, you can simply tilt the louvers to facilitate maximum air flow in every room.

Window shutters also allow you to control how much privacy you and your family have. If it’s daytime, you may not be too concerned with privacy, and want to keep your window shutter panels or louvers fully open.

However, you may want more privacy in the evening, so window shutters give you a lot of privacy when the panels and louvers are closed.

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