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Do you want to know about window blinds history? In the early 1800s, the first window blinds were handmade from wood. And you can operate it manually by cord pulleys. As well, to provide insulation against cold during the winter months. Today, window blinds are now made with many different materials.

About Window Blinds

For centuries, people have been using window blinds. In the ancient world, they were made of wood or bamboo which are used to protect people from direct sunlight. Also, these window shadings allowed some light through. And it can be very helpful when it got dark outside.

about window blinds

Today’s window blinds are made of various materials including:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Fabric
  • Wood

Also, these window blinds come in many different colors. So that they can match any décor scheme. While still providing privacy and insulation against the cold weather as well. Window blinds add a touch of style to your home. At the same time, preserve value by protecting your windows from damage and wear over time.

The history of window blinds is a long and fascinating one. Aside from technological advancement that makes a home modern, window blinds modernized the home. These blinds also evolved dramatically since they first appeared on the scene.

Have you ever wondered when window blinds were invented?

Window blinds first appeared in 1769. The Englishman Edward Bevan patented the first-ever Venetian Blinds.

Venetian blinds were invented when he discovered that he could let light into rooms. And he manipulates them to be any size desired by placing wooden slats on an aluminum frame.

John Hampson from New Orleans made adjustments to this invention in 1841. Yet, it was too late for him. It’s because at the time, these adjustments had already been patented as well!

When did people start using Venetian blinds?

In 1769, there was no such technology available while inventing these window treatments. Yet, as the years pass, the Venetian blinds that we know today undergo improvements.

For centuries, window blinds have been part of home décor and it serves many practical purposes. Aside from that, they also are used to accentuate the overall look of a home.

Who invented Venetian blinds?

Venetians discovered the window coverings through their trade interactions in the East. Then, they brought this window treatment back to Venice. The true inventor of these now-popular items is unknown. Thus, these designs used a more primitive form of slats or shutters than fabric panels.

The invention of window blinds is a mystery from the past. Who knew that these simple pieces of fabric could have originated in Persia, not Venice? While it’s unclear where it came from, Venetian traders discovered them at some point. Then, brought them back to Europe which changed how we looked outside our homes forever.

The ancient Egyptians are credited with developing the first window blinds. Extreme heat and frequent violent sand storms are associated with living in a desert. These conditions drove the Egyptians to find a way to keep their dwellings cool. As well as, to keep avalanches of sand outside. They found that they could construct covers for the openings in their homes by wetting cloth strips. Then, putting them across their windows.

venetian blinds invented

History of Window Blinds

Window Blinds History in China

During this same period, the Chinese began to cover their windows using bamboo stalks. These bamboo stalks were tied together to form a finished piece that was long enough to provide:

  • Privacy
  • Protection from the elements
  • Light control

Window Blinds Invention in Rome

With Grecians, they used marble with fixed slats to cover their windows. As the Roman Empire developed, its citizens also needed ways to cover their windows. The Romans developed a window blind from fabric slats that overlapped each other. Their window blinds are easy to make and install. Thus, it provides privacy, insulation, and light filtering became Venetian window blinds.

After the invention of Dwarf Venetian window blinds, it took the rest of Europe by storm. During that period, Venetian window blinds were installed in St. Peter’s Church in Rome. Then, Venetian window blinds became the standard window treatment throughout the European continent.

Venetian Blinds Invention in America

The modernization of Venetian window blinds took place in America. It started when the colonists from Europe brought Venetian blinds with them. Then, the Americans improved these window treatments to fit the structures they built. Also, to fit the different climates the New World had.

Ever wonder when blinds became popular?

Well, it turns out that by 1950 vertical blinds were invented. Then, they soon replaced any other type of window covering. In the ’70s people loved to use mini-blinds. Because these blinds had very narrow stripes instead of horizontal slats like most other shades.

By 1980, the vinyl mini-blinds took over from aluminum ones with a more modern look. During that period, vertical blinds were the number one choice for window treatment. Because there was competition for vinyl mini-blinds back then. The Industrial Revolution brought mass production and made it easier – and cheaper – to make window blinds.

However, it was not until the early 1940s that aluminum window blinds began to be mass-produced. Thus, making them one of the more popular window treatments in the United States.

window blinds history

However, the innovation with window blinds did not stop there. As Americans reaped the benefits of a robust economy, more styles and colors of window blinds began to be available.

They became a popular choice for homes with large windows and sliding glass doors, as well as for office building windows.

When Joe Hunter and Henry Sonnenberg founded Hunter Douglas in the United States in 1946. The functionality, styles, and colors of window blinds, along with other window treatments, were expanded with new designs and new technologies applied to them. That innovation continues today.

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