window blinds in Sunnyvale, CA

At Windows & Beyond, Inc. we understand that different households have varying budgets for window blinds in Sunnyvale, CA. Also, not everyone wants to cough up a lot of dough for window treatments.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of quality window blinds available at a bargain.

Roller Blinds

If you plan on buying blinds for several windows, roller blinds are versatile enough while still being some of the cheapest types of blinds on the market.

This type uses an aluminum tube and precision sidewinder control, which are durable.

Roller blinds come in different fabrics, and you can get blackout roller blinds if you want complete darkness. They are great for the TV room and bedroom.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

These blinds consist of thin slats, usually around 25mm wide, that you hang from a headrail on a cord.

They provide excellent light control, and you can raise them to any level and angle the slats. In addition, light flows in around the slats and sides of the blinds, making them perfect for open spaces like the living room and kitchen.

And while they might be cheap, they last. Aluminum Venetians are moisture-resistant and can stand up to high heat.

Plus, they come in different colors, so you can get fancy with them.

Vertical Blinds

Don’t let the vintage design fool you. Vertical blinds still suit contemporary decor. Unlike the first two, vertical blinds use vanes instead of slats that hang vertically from a headrail.

Thus, they open from side to side and are well-suited to sliding windows and glass doors. You could also use them for wide windows, especially since they can be up to 400cm wide. A single set of vertical blinds can cover a large window.

On top of that, you get superior light control. Even when the blinds are closed, you can still let light into your room by angling the vanes.

It’s complete control over how you sleep on a budget.

window shutters in Menlo Park, CAFaux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are costly, but you can get a close approximation of their attraction with faux wood blinds for cheap.

They are made of PVC with a textured wood effect, which gives it long durability. Faux wood blinds also come in different finishes, from dark walnut to bright white.

It won’t be the real thing, but you still get the timeless look.

Their style is similar to Venetian blinds, and they are wider than Aluminum Venetians. It means better light blocking, and since blinds prices are measurement-based, more blinds per meter.

As a result, faux wood blinds can add sophistication to a living room, dining room, or kitchen. They also look great in bay windows and, unlike natural wood, are suitable for bathrooms.

You can buy any of these window blinds in Sunnyvale, CA, by visiting our office. We will also install it for you. Call us now for a virtual design consultation or get directions to visit our office today.