Palo Alto, CA window blinds

When looking for Palo Alto, CA window blinds, honeycomb window blinds (also known as cellular shades) should be at the top of the list for consideration because of the many benefits they offer. Honeycomb window blinds, which are a hybrid of sorts of both shades and blinds, are perfect for effective light filtering and excellent insulation because of its unique cell design in an accordion-style blind.

The texture and shape of honeycomb window blinds can create depth in a room and gives a nice accent to just about any design style or décor that you might have already or are planning to do in your home.

But Hunter Douglas honeycomb window blinds have many benefits that will enhance your home beyond their incredible look and style.

One benefit is that honeycomb window blinds are extremely energy efficient. Honeycomb window blinds are one of the best types of window treatments for adding a very effective insulation layer to windows. Because the cells in the honeycomb window blinds trap air, they can keep warm air out in the summer and cool air out in the winter, keeping your home at a constant comfortable temperature, reducing the amount of time your HVAC system has to run, and lowering your energy costs.

Honeycomb blinds are available in different thickness and they can be single-celled or double-celled. Double-celled Hunter Douglas honeycomb window blinds work very well in hot climates to increase the solar gain of windows, while still allowing natural light into rooms.

Controlling how much light you want in your rooms is another benefit that honeycomb window blinds offer. Hunter Douglas honeycomb window blinds are available in different opacities (amount of transparency) for any lighting needs.

For rooms where children or people who work night shifts sleep, consider blackout honeycomb window blinds. These offer the most privacy and allow no light in at all. For rooms where a lot of natural light is need, consider sheer or semi-sheer honeycomb window blinds.

The ability to make honeycomb window blinds cordless or motorized is another benefit for your home.

With cordless Hunter Douglas honeycomb window blinds, all that’s required to open and close the window blinds is simply pulling or pushing on the lower bar of the window blinds. Cordless honeycomb window blinds can also have a top down, bottom up adjustment that gives you excellent light control in your rooms. You can adjust the blinds from the bottom, the top, or from both the top and bottom to allow just the right amount of natural light in.

Motorized honeycomb window blinds offer many options for opening and closing them, including pushing button, using a remote control, or integrating them with smart technology using a smartphone or smart hub in your home.

A benefit that many people love about honeycomb window blinds is the wide array of fabric and color choices available. Whatever your taste and style, you will be able to find a match with Hunter Douglas honeycomb window blinds. A tip to remember when selecting the color of your honeycomb window blinds is that darker colors allow less light to pass through while lighter colors let more light to pass through.

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