window shades in Sunnyvale, CA

You may be wondering whether you should get window blinds or window shades in Sunnyvale, CA when you’re shopping for new window coverings for the windows in your home. Knowing what the differences are between window blinds and window shades can help you decide which window treatment solution you should use in different areas of your home.

First, window blinds and window shades are terms that you may hear used interchangeably, but they are actually two different types of window coverings.

Window blinds are a very common window treatment in both commercial and residential spaces. Window blinds can be fully opened or fully closed, and are constructed with slats that are used, when the window blinds are closed, to control the amount of natural light coming in, ventilation, and privacy.

Operation of window blinds can be corded or cordless. Corded window blinds are not recommended for homes where small children or pets reside. This is because children and pets can easily reach the cords and they can accidently get entangled in them. This can result in serious injuries or death.

Cordless window blinds are a safe and secure window treatment option for any home. You can also get motorized window blinds that can be operated using smart technology (including integration with your home’s existing smart solutions).

Window blinds slats are opened and closed using a rod that tilts the slats up or down. While you may be used to seeing window blinds hang vertically on windows, you can also purchase vertical window blinds (most commonly seen on sliding glass doors).

If you have sliding windows or picture windows installed in your home, vertical blinds are an unexpected and unique window treatment solution for them. Vertical blinds are easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Window blinds are manufactured in a wide variety of materials and colors. Cleaning window blinds usually requires little more than regular dusting with a non-abrasive cloth.

Window shades, in contrast to the more solid materials used to manufacture window blinds, are often manufactured using fabrics. Window shades are opened and closed on a rolling system. Therefore, the only light control you have with window shades is raising the window shades up or lowering the window shades down.

Window shades are either corded or tabbed (depending on the style) for easy operation. Like window blinds, window shades can be motorized and integrated into your home’s existing smart technology.

Window shades are manufactured in many different types of fabric and with a diverse range of patterns, so they can provide a nice and unique accent to the theme of any room in your home.

So, now that you know the difference between window blinds and window shades, which one should you choose for the windows in your home?

The answer is that both window blinds and window shades can be used in your home. Which one you choose for each room in your home will depend on the purpose and functionality you want.

window shades in Sunnyvale, CAFor example, window shades are a popular choice for kitchen windows, laundry room windows, and bathroom windows. This is because they are easy to open and close. When window shades are open, sunlight floods the room, creating an inviting coziness and warmth. When window shades are closed, light is blocked and privacy is ensured.

Window blinds are a popular choice for home offices, great rooms, and dens. This is because light filtering can be more precisely controlled, ventilation can be easily adjusted, and maintenance is simple to do.

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