window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA

When you are considering window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA, one of the things that you should include in your selection process is the safety of your home, especially if you have small children – whether you’re parents or grandparents – and pets in your home.

Safety is one of your primary concerns in your home. You have doors with locks, windows with locks, and gates with locks as one of your safety measures around your home. Within your home, you also make sure that it is safe for everyone, including your little ones and your pets.

There are many hidden dangers within a home. We take great care to make sure we know the hidden dangers and we address them. We childproof our homes as soon as little ones make their appearance.

We take harmful chemicals out of lower cabinets or we install locking devices on these cabinet doors so they can’t easily be opened so that our kids don’t accidentally ingest poisonous substances.

We put protective covers over unused electrical outlets to prevent accidental electrocution. We have stovetops with locks that keep the burners from being turned on accidentally, which could either burn our little ones or start a fire, or both.

However, we don’t always think about the possible danger that the hanging cords from window blinds pose to our children and pets. However, on average, twenty-four children die each year because they became entangled in hanging cords from blinds.

The solution to getting rid of this serious safety risk is having cordless Hunter Douglas window blinds installed.

Not only is it simple to replace corded window blinds with cordless window blinds, but it greatly enhances the safety measures you implement in your home, giving you greater peace of mind.

Window blinds are great window treatments because they give you a lot of control over privacy, light, and ventilation. They can be fully opened or closed, or they can be closed with the slats adjusted to open and closed positions.

Cordless window blinds work very well with any type décor you’ve chosen for the rooms they’re going to be installed in. You can choose to have your cordless window blinds be a blending component (they match one of the other dominant colors in the room) or you can choose to have your cordless window blinds be a contrasting component (a different, but complementary, color than the other colors you’ve used).

Cordless window blinds come in different gauges (weights), which makes them a durable and long-lasting window treatment choice. Cordless window blinds also come with contoured metal headrails that can fully hide the blinds when they are raised.

Cordless window blinds give you a lot of flexibility to control how much natural light is allowed into a room. If you want the room flooded with natural light, you can raise the cordless window blinds completely. If you want light and privacy and/or ventilation, you can adjust the slats accordingly.

Cordless window blinds can address the often-overlooked potential risk that corded window blinds pose within a home to little children and much-loved pets. You can be confident that your home is more safe and secure for you and your family when you have cordless window blinds installed.

Please be sure to share the potential hazards of corded window blinds with your friends and family members who have these installed in their homes and tell them that cordless options are available to make their homes safer as well.

If you’d like to learn more about cordless window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA, you can speak with our knowledgeable team at Windows & Beyond, Inc.