window shades in Los Altos, CA

When looking at roller window shades in Los Altos, CA for your home, you should be aware of how many benefits this type of window covering has with it. Roller window shades have clean lines that give your home a contemporary look and, with the use of colors and patterns, can provide a complement or accent to the current décor in your home.

Window roller shades offer a benefit that few other window treatments can. They can fully disappear when raised, giving you a full, unobstructed view out of your windows. Roller window shades are great for windows that offer a beautiful outdoor view of nature, such as landscapes saturated with flowers and trees, wooded areas, or mountain ranges. They are often used on picture windows, which are installed to take advantage of gorgeous outdoor scenery.

Although there are several styles of roller window shades available, some people prefer the reverse roll style, which rolls the roller window shade up from the front instead of the back, which the standard roll style does. Two other styles of roller window shades include the cassette valance style, which hides the rolled up shade at the top of the window under a curved casing, and the metal fascia style, which is mainly used in commercial and industrial settings. The style of roller window shade is completely a personal preference, so if you like one style more than the others, go for it.

Solar window shades are a type of roller window shades that many people are using inside and outside their homes. They are made of a weaved fabric that allows natural light in and enables you to see through them even when they are closed.

Solar window shades have different weave densities (from 1% to 14%). A lower percentage of the density will mean a tighter weave. This gives more privacy, heat blocking, and ultraviolet (UV) protection from the solar window shade. A higher percentage of density will mean a looser weave, which will allow more light in, more heat, and a clearer view of the outside.

You should be aware that solar window shades give good privacy during daylight hours, meaning people outside can’t see inside, but at night, when the lights are on, it is very easy to inside through the solar window shades. Therefore, solar window shades should be installed in areas of your home where privacy while you and your family are still up at night is not a concern.

A growing trend with solar window shades is to install them in outdoor spaces where people gather, such as porches and patios. This gives a cooler area with UV protection when you want to sit and talk with neighbors or friends on the front porch or you want to have summer afternoon gatherings outside, and people who want a bit of relief from the heat and sun can go into the patio area instead of inside the house.

Another type of roller window shade that is trending is dual window shades. Dual window shades allow two pieces of fabric to work together to give you both a perfect view outside when you want it and absolute privacy when you need it. The back piece of fabric on a dual window shade can be pulled down to allow natural light to come in and to be able to look outdoors. The front piece of fabric is solid, so when it is pulled down, it offers full privacy. Both pieces of fabric can be adjusted to fine-tune light filtering and the amount of the outside view.

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