window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA

window shades in Los Altos Hills, CAMotorized window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA are one of the newest technical advancements in window treatments is motorization. However, you may not think you need to even worry about getting motorized window shades because you may believe they’re a gimmick or a passing fad.

Many people don’t understand the advantages and benefits of investing in motorized window shades because they don’t have all the facts about why this is such a great functional improvement that can actually make your home safer and more comfortable.

One of the arguments against investing in motorized window shades is that they are just a frivolous luxury for people who have everything and want more gadgets to play with. Until the last 10 years, that may have true, because the only time we ever saw motorized window shades were in the movies or in the homes of the rich and famous.

However, with the advent of smart technology and its availability to nearly everyone, motorizing window shades have become a norm within the window coverings industry. And here’s why investing in this technological advance in window shades is a great investment for your home, your family, and you.

We live in a fast-paced world where even within our own families, everyone is on a different schedule and sometimes we pass each other like strangers in the night most days. That means that your home could be empty most of the day and well into the night.

Potential burglars watch traffic patterns around homes for quite a while before they actually decide which homes to break into and steal from. They hone in on homes just like yours that are essentially empty all day and most of the night because they are the least likely to meet resistance and they are least likely to get caught unless you have working security equipment.

But even if they do get caught, you are unlikely to recover much of what was stolen from you. While homeowner’s insurance may cover the losses in monetary terms, much of what gets stolen in home invasions has sentimental value that no amount of money can cover the loss of.

Here’s how motorized window shades can help better protect your home from break-ins and thefts by taking them off would-be robbers’ radars. With motorized window shades that are integrated with smart technology, you can give the impression that people are home, even when no one is.

Using a smart hub, you can control your interior lighting and your motorized window shades so that it’s impossible for people outside your home to think anything other than that someone is home all the time.

You can use your smartphone to schedule times of the day when your motorized window shades are raised and lowered, or you can randomly raise and lower them throughout the day – which is best because if you schedule it, people who are watching your house will see the pattern over time and know that no one is actually at home. You can also use your smartphone to turn lights on and off throughout the house during the day and during the night. You can sync the timing of lowering your motorized window shades at night with turning on lights, which gives the impression that people are home, and makes your home much safer when you’re away.

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