Window shades in Mountain View, CA

Window shades in Mountain View, CA are one of the most versatile window treatments you can use in your home because there are so many styles to choose from. Window shades are a practical and stylish way to cover all the windows in your home.

When someone asks you to describe window shades, you may immediately think of roller shades, which simply lift and lower on a roller, using a string or an embedded bar at the bottom of the shade.

However, the world of window shades is much more diverse than the roller shades you may be thinking about. And, by the way, even roller shades are much more sophisticated now than when they first appeared as window coverings.

One of the kinds of window shades that you can have installed on your windows is pleated window shades. Pleated window shades are manufactured with sturdy materials (usually heavy fabric or paper) that are designed to look like an accordion.

The beauty of pleated window blinds is that they don’t lose their shapes when you raise and lower them. Pleated window blinds give your home’s windows a soft look and feel.

Cellular, also known as honeycomb, window shade are another type of window shades that you can have installed in your home. Cellular window shades have become a very popular window treatment because they provide a lot of added value to a home.

Cellular window shades can be manufactured using wood, synthetic materials, or fabric. Cellular window shades are one of the few window coverings that has two separate sections. When these sections (front and back) are put together, a cell or honeycomb structure is the end result.

This unique structure makes cellular window shades a great choice when you want maximum light control, insulation, and soundproofing for the windows in your home.

Roman window shades are typically manufactured using fabric or materials like seagrass and jute. While there are several different types of Roman window shades for you to choose from, they all operate in the same way: when the window shade is raised, it folds onto itself, creating a gorgeous effect the higher the window shade is raised.

Roman window shades, unlike some of the other types of window shades, will obstruct some of the views outside of the windows of your home. However, in most cases, this is not a problem because the majority of your view outside will not be obstructed. You can also have Roman window shades that have blackout and insulating features added installed on the windows in your home.

window shades in Los Altos Hills, CAThose roller window shades you were thinking about earlier are not your parents’ roller window shades. Modern roller window shades are manufactured using both natural and synthetic materials. They are available in many different colors and styles, and they can be custom-fit to any size window in your home. Options you can add to roller window shades include thermal and blackout linings.

Solar window shades are also a popular window covering option. This is because you can use solar window shades inside and outside of your home.

Solar window shades significantly reduce sunlight, heat, glare, and ultraviolet (UV) rays. This both provides cooling and protection from continual sunlight exposure. One of the unique features of solar window shades is that they don’t obscure your outside view, so they really are an excellent choice for cooling and sunlight protection without sacrificing any light or the view outside of your home.

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