window shades in Palo Alto, CA

When you are choosing window shades in Palo Alto, CA, one of the things that you want to keep in mind is how you can incorporate them into the existing décor that is in your home, if you’re happy with it, or how they can be used to create a brand-new décor.

First, it’s important to recognize that there are many different types of interior design styles. Even though we all customize our homes in a unique style that we find comforting and inviting for us and our families, we still use broad types of recognized interior design styles as the basis for our personalized application.

One interior design style is classic or traditional. This style is considered to be warm and welcoming. Its roots lie in the prevailing interiors of French and English countryside homes during the 1700s. The classic style features neutral colors like peach, beige, cream, and terracotta that are offset by wood toned accents.

A modern example of the classic style would be a room that is painted in with a light tan color that has a wood floor trimmed with wood. You can incorporate just about any kind of window shade with the classic style, but Roman window shades will give it an extra natural boost and will complete the other stylistic elements in the classic interior design style.

Roman window shades come in many different color and pattern choices, so you can incorporate these into the classic style as a contrast or accent element. You can use a brightly-colored Roman window shade to break up the neutral tones of paint color and wood, or you can use a patterned Roman window shade to make the windows a focal point.

Another popular interior design style is modern. The modern design style is characterized by sharp lines, a streamlined look, and décor that is intentional. This interior design is first supremely functional and second geometrically-themed. It’s a lean, uncluttered look that needs just the right window shade incorporated into it.

Solar roller shades are a great choice, because they offer privacy, but they are sheer enough to also give an unobstructed view to the outside of your home and to allow a lot of natural light to flood into the room. This is a great benefit if you are using the modern style in rooms that are small or that have only one window installed, because you maximize the amount of light coming in, making the space seem bigger or less dark.

Another popular interior design style is the rustic style. The rustic style offers echoes of a simpler time and place. It has a lot of character and it gives a cozy and charming feeling to feeling to a home.

The rustic style features earthy colors, wood accents, and oversized furniture that beckons family and visitors alike inside to sit and relax, basking in their own memories of old home places far, far away, or grandparents’ homes where large family gatherings happened on every holiday, or perhaps just an ideal of an experience they never actually experienced, but wished that they had.

A great window shade that can be incorporated into the rustic style is woven wood shades. These window shades are handwoven with natural materials such as bamboo, and they give a textured appearance to windows when they are installed.

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