window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA

When you’re selecting a window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for each window in your home, you may not be aware that you are also adding a layer of security and privacy to your home. Every homeowner takes every measure possible to make sure their home and their family’s security, safety, and privacy is the most protected it can be.

You invest in the latest home security systems. You thwart potential thieves by installing digital door locking systems. You make sure outside areas around your home are well lighted at night. In short, you spend a lot of money to protect your home and your family.

Window coverings are also part of a home and family protection strategy that should not be overlooked. When you have right kind of window coverings installed, you will further strengthen every other home security measure you already have.

Window coverings are an essential part of protecting the privacy of your family and of your home. Almost all window coverings provide you with a degree of extra privacy, and you should choose the windows coverings in each room that fit your family’s privacy needs.

For example, blackout and privacy liner options are good choices for bedroom and bathroom windows if you want absolute privacy, but there are other window coverings that also provide a high level of privacy when they’re closed, while they allow abundant natural light in during the day when you have them opened.

Additionally, you need to think of window coverings for ultraviolet (UV) ray protection. It may surprise you to find that not only do the contents of your home need to be shielded from UV rays, but so do you and your family when you are inside. Most people are aware that they need to protect their skin from UV rays when they are outside.

However, because the sun’s UV rays come inside your home through windows, unless you have low-emissivity (Low-E) windows installed, not only can they cause flooring, furniture, and carpets to fade as time passes, but they can also cause your skin and your family’s skin to burn, damaging the top layers, and raising the risk for skin cancer.

Choosing window coverings that filter and absorb UV rays from the sun, and closing them during the hours when the sun is at its peak (10 am – 4 pm) can provide you and your family with the best protection against the sun’s harmful rays when you are inside the house.

Window coverings also protect your home by keeping what’s inside your home hidden from outside view. Just as you wouldn’t take everything that’s inside your home outside and then walk away, believe they will be there when you come back, neither should you leave them exposed inside your home to people who are outside.

By using window coverings that provide privacy from prying eyes outside your home, you and your family can have the assurance that what’s inside your home is protected.

Having window coverings that are motorized installed further protects home and family. Corded window coverings present danger to small children and pets because they can get tangled up in the cords. This could result in serious injuries, or even death. By eliminating this risk with motorized window coverings, you are making your home safer for all its occupants.

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