Palo Alto, CA window covering

Making a Palo Alto, CA window covering an element of your décor enables you to achieve a harmonious, blended look throughout your home. The type of window covering you choose should fit well with everything else in the room. Most window coverings are versatile enough and have enough variety of styles and colors to be able to achieve this easily.

When you’re selecting a window covering as an element in the room, you’re deciding how that window covering will transform the look and feel of the room. Different rooms serve different functions in different homes. Some homes have a classic elegance throughout, while other homes have a more modern feel. Some homes have a lived-in look and feel, while still other homes push the design envelope with more eclectic spaces throughout the home.

Whatever your décor is, the right window covering will enhance and highlight it. These are things that you need to take into consideration when choose a window covering as an element of décor.

Color is one thing that needs to be considered. Window coverings can be used to blend in with other colors in the room, so that they have a supportive role in bringing the room together, or window coverings can be the star element, providing contrast to the other colors in the room.

The colors you choose will determine to mood and the tone of the room, because this is how light will be filtered into the room during the day and what people will see at night when they’re in the room.

The next thing that needs to be considered when choosing window coverings as an element of décor is the texture of the fabric (if you’re using a fabric window covering). Texture can have an effect on the feel of the room as well. It can evoke feelings of roughness, smoothness, hardness, or flatness at initial glance and those feelings can change as light is filtered through the fabric.

These feelings come from our past experience with fabrics or our presumptions of what fabric feels like. Some people will associate certain window covering fabrics with Grandma’s house or with a particular fond – or not so great – long ago and far away memory that will drive their decision on whether to use that fabric or not.

Whether to get patterns or not and, if getting patterns, choosing the right one, are two simultaneous considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing window coverings to use as an element in décor. Patterns can add visual appeal, but they can also be distracting or throw the balance off in a room, if not integrated with the rest of the décor.

If you are going for a more streamlined, clean look with your décor, you will probably want to get a window covering with a subtle pattern, such as the wood grain look on window shutters and wood blinds.

There are many types of more elaborate patterns – floral, linear, circular, etc. – available for window coverings like roller blinds, curtains, and valences, but when using a window covering as a décor element, you need to determine if a pattern works with the room or not.

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