window covering in Palo Alto, CA

When you’re selecting a window covering in Palo Alto, CA for each window in your home, can use your flooring – in particular, carpeting – to update the décor of each room in your home, and to create a unique theme or style that reflects the mood or functionality of every room.

Window coverings and carpeting serve two purposes in your home. First, they have a practical purpose. Window coverings give you control over the amount of light that comes into each room and customized levels of privacy for your family and you. Carpeting gives you padded comfort to walk around on and a layer of insulation that keeps the internal temperature in your home consistent and that helps to lower your energy costs all year long.

But the second purpose of window coverings and carpeting may be one that you overlook when you are thinking about how your home looks and feels for you and your family and for friends and family who visit.

Window coverings and carpeting can be coordinated to work together to create a decorating scheme, to accentuate a style, or to create a theme in every room in your home. All that’s required is a little creative thinking about how to use them together and a couple of basic guidelines to get the effect you desire.

The first guideline is to remember that balance is the key to creating a coordinated effect that reflects the style or theme that you want a room to have. What this means is that while your window coverings and carpeting don’t have to be perfect matches with each other, they should not drown out each other either.

Fortunately, achieving balance between window coverings and carpeting is usually fairly simple. Most carpeting is manufactured in neutral tones like light brown, beige, and off-white, so coordinating window coverings with them to achieve a specific effect isn’t difficult.

However, if your carpeting has one of these neutral colors, you will not want to choose window coverings that are the exact same color because they will wash out the room and make it feel bare or boring.

Instead, you’ll want window coverings with colors and/or patterns that will complement the color of your carpeting or you’ll want window coverings that offer a pleasing contrast to the color of your carpeting.

Carpeting does come in some colors that are bolder, however, and you can use these colors to build a color theme or style in the room by choosing window coverings that have some of the same color as your carpeting.

Choosing the color of window coverings and carpeting is an important basic to consider as well. Colors create moods. Some colors are considered to be warm, while other colors are considered to be cool. A guideline to coordinating window coverings and carpeting is to make sure that both have the same color temperature.

Warm colors go from bright reds to light greens – white is neither warm nor cool – and cool colors go from light blues to dark reds. So, if you have light blue carpet (a cool color), you would want to have another cool color like a darker shade of blue or a darker red as the prominent color in your window coverings.

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