window shades for your Mountain View, CA

You’ve researched and settled on Roman window shades for your Mountain View, CA home. Now, you have to make design choices like the fabric, fold style, and color.

As you probably know, Roman shades are available in various colors, and the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming.

But as much as we would like to tell you to pick a color because it is ‘trendy,’ the right choice depends entirely on you. Asking yourself the following questions, though, will help narrow things down.

Should I get solid colors?

The consistency of solid colors is an attractive choice, and they go particularly well in rooms with strong prints.

Ever dependable, solid-colored roman shades do not compete. Rather, they complement patterned decor, especially ones that are the room’s focal point.

Should my shades stand out or blend in?

Some people want their Roman shades to be the same as their walls for a seamless look. Others prefer theirs to be an accent piece.

Is one better than the other? No. It’s your space, and it is up to you.

If you can’t settle on a look, bring some samples home and examine them in your room. Observe for a while and see which one feels right.

Do I want neutral colors?

Neutral colors like gray, cream and beige are complementary if your decor consists of primary or secondary colors. But that’s not a reason to choose them for your Roman shades.

Instead, it’s a question of your style. For instance, neutral colors have a calming effect if you want the room to be chic and understated.

Do I need bold colors?

On the flip side, a room filled with neutral colors, light or dark, will look bland and without life. Getting Roman shades with a bold accent color is an easy way to add an extra pop that brightens the room.

In a room full of beiges and grays, bright colors like yellow, red, or green add a cheerful feel that gives the decor the perfect finishing touch.

For example, a bedroom with slate-gray walls pairs well with bright blue or vivid orange Roman shades.

window shades for your Mountain View, CA

How do I feel about patterns?

An entire room full of solid colors might be too loud and overwhelming. Introducing patterned shades is one way to break the flow up and create some balance.

Even if you don’t like patterns, you can still achieve the same effect with a small tone-on-tone design. It’s not obviously patterned, and you get a rich, textured look as a fun twist.

What if I still can’t decide?

Interior design is a cultivated skill, so it is understandable. If you are still overwhelmed and can’t come up with a satisfying choice, you don’t have to decide alone. Having someone to think through your ideas or offer a different perspective can be beneficial.

For this, you can reach out to us. It doesn’t matter whether you need one or 50 window shades in Mountain View, CA; we are here to help. Call us now for a virtual home consultation or set up an in-home appointment today.