window blinds in Los Altos, CA

When considering the length of window shutters in Los Altos, CA that you want to buy for you home, you’ll want to think about the style of the window shutters that you want to have installed in each room. Your window shutters will be part of your decorating scheme and you may have a single them throughout your house, or you may have a different them for each room.

Full-height window shutters are one of the most appealing types of shutters because they cover the full length and width of your windows. Plantation window shutters are the most widely recognized type of full-height window shutters.

Plantation window shutters fit snuggly into window frames, providing extra insulation, and their wide louvers give you extra light control and ventilation control. Hunter Douglas plantation window shutters are manufactured in many different types of materials and colors. They can add a classic, yet casual elegance to any room in your home.

Typically, full-height window shutters are installed in common area rooms, like living rooms and dens. Often the windows in these two rooms in your homes are larger windows, so full-height window shutters are the perfect window covering solution.

With full-height window shutters, you can open and close the shutters simply by moving a single panel. You can allow the full natural light to come in through the window or you can block the full natural light with a single motion.

In other rooms in your home, you may choose to install window shutters that are a different height. For example, in your kitchen, you may choose to install café window shutters or tier on tier window shutters.

Café window shutters are window shutters that are installed only on the bottom half of the window, leaving the top part of the window uncovered. As the name suggests, café window shutters are popular in restaurants because they protect customers’ eyes from the full glare of the sun while they are sitting and eating, but the restaurant is full of natural light because the top part of the window allows natural light in.

Café window shutters are a great choice for windows that are over your kitchen sink and windows that are in breakfast nooks. Many people pair the café window shutters with a window shade or valance installed over the top part of the window. This allows you to have privacy when you want it – at night, for instance – and your kitchen bathed in natural light during the daytime.

Tier on tier window shutters is typically used in bathrooms and bedrooms. A set of window shutter panels is installed on the top part of the window and a set of window shutter panels is also installed on the bottom part of the window.

Tier on tier window shutter panels operate independently of each other, so you can open the louvers or the window shutters on one half of the window while keeping the louvers or window shutters on the other half of the window closed.

Tier on tier window shutters gives you a lot of different options for light control and ventilation control. They also give you a lot of control over how much privacy you want.

Since window shutters, in general, can be integrated into almost any decorating style, the length of the window shutters you choose to have installed becomes a matter of what works best in each room in your home.

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