Window covering choices in Los Altos Hills, CA

Window covering choices in Los Altos Hills, CA choices can sometimes be made very quickly and without putting a lot of thought into simply because we feel like we need to get something up on the bare windows in our homes. Therefore, we may believe we like the window covering we choose – or it will do – until it’s on the window and it just doesn’t do anything for us (or our home).

Several things need to be considered when choosing window coverings for the windows in our homes: functionality, style, taste, and our home’s décor. This means that selecting just the right window covering for each window in our home should be a thoughtful process.

However, we can get so overwhelmed with the process of choosing window covering that we don’t put any window coverings up and we just leave the windows bare until we can make a decision.

So, there’s a balance, because the wrong window coverings won’t make our homes feel like home and no window coverings will affect our home’s privacy and will lower how energy efficient our homes are.

A key to choosing the right window covering is to remember that windows are a focal point in each room. When you choose a window covering that fits in with the décor of the room, it’s as though you’ve chosen the perfect picture-frame combination for that room.

It’s also important to choose window covering hardware that matches other hardware in the room. For example, if lamps and window locks are bronze, and you choose brushed chrome curtain rods and hooks, the theme of the room will be off.

Window covering hardware should match the other hardware finishes that are in the room. You have two ways that you can approach this. You can either get a hardware finish that you like for your window covering and replace the rest of the hardware (handles, lamps, latches, knobs, etc.) to match the window covering hardware, or you can get window covering hardware that matches the existing hardware in the room.

Functionality is very important when you are choosing window coverings. Two of the main areas of functionality for window coverings are privacy and light control. Some window coverings offer little privacy, but allow abundant light into rooms. Other window coverings allow little light control, but offer maximum privacy. And some window coverings offer both light control and privacy.

The purpose of the room will determine which type of window covering you choose for the windows in that room.

Make sure each window covering fits the window it’s installed on. For example, if you’re installing curtains on a window, the proper fit will ensure that you will be able to see the whole window when the curtains are opened. This means you should have the curtain rods installed so that the curtains should give the impression of a frame on either side of the window.

Window coverings should not get cut off (for example, having curtains that come down only to bottom of the window sill), nor should they be dragging the floor (for example, curtains should just touch the floor). If your window coverings are too long, you can have the hardware installed about an inch between your ceiling or crown molding.

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