window shutters from Menlo Park, CA

Before buying window shutters from Menlo Park, CA, drapery providers, you should know there are at least two types – Plantation and Traditional Shutters.

And while it may not be obvious to the untrained eye, there are subtle differences between them, enough for one to be suited to a decorating style over the other.

Below, we explain everything you should know.

What are Traditional Shutters?

Also called Colonial shutters, traditional shutters are window coverings that gained widespread use in the Northeast in the pre-Revolutionary period. The design came from Europe, where they originally used them as insulators for windows.

They are made of natural wood or faux wood material, cordless, and have small narrow louvers. More on this later.

As the design spread across the country, its history has informed the preferred interior décor use. You will typically find traditional shutters in homes with early American or country décor.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a modern take on the style, although their roots go as far back as the plantation homes in the Old South. They started as exterior window coverings against the heat and sun but have since evolved interior versions.

Compared to traditional shutters, they have wider louvers. As a result, they offer a good view and let in plenty of sunlight. It also makes them privacy and heat-efficient.

Plantation shutters are available in real wood, MDF, and vinyl. There are even hybrid versions.

They are easy to install, made to fit, and available in varied colors.

How Their Louvers Work

The easiest way to identify traditional and plantation shutters is the louvers. Both have adjustable slats, giving you ample light control, but the similarities end there.

Traditional Shutters

As mentioned, they have narrower louvers (or slats). Traditional shutters are typically only 1 ¼ inches wide. The louvers come in different panel configurations, and the right choice typically depends on the width and height of the window.

A double-tier arrangement is better for a wider window or door. You can raise the top louvers and leave the bottom ones closed, and vice versa.

window shutters from Menlo Park, CA

Plantation Shutters

Plantation louvers are either flat or elliptical, and they are wider than traditional shutters. They are also available in different sizes. The narrowest is 1 ⅞ and the widest is 5 ½ inches. Most people buy 2 ½, 3, or 3 ½ inches.

The size range provides greater flexibility on where you can install them. That’s in addition to letting in more air and natural light when open and creating a blackout effect when closed.

Ideal Installation

Traditional shutters are perfect for kitchen and bathroom windows. Generally anywhere with smaller windows. They also work as décor for windows in open space areas.

Plantation shutters are better suited to living rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces with larger windows, like an office or study. They are best when you want maximum light and expansive views.

From these, you can tell plantation shutters are trendier. We have a diverse range of them from major brands like Hunter Douglas. Do you prefer traditional window shutters in your Menlo Park, CA home? We have those too. Visit our showroom here or call us now for a virtual design consultation.