window covering in Sunnyvale, CA

You may not have an interior designer to help you choose a window covering in Los Altos, CA for every window in your house, but you can use their expertise in these tips to make sure you get the window coverings that will turn your house into your home.

One tip about using curtains or drapes as window coverings is that you should hang them high and wide. This tip helps make all the windows you hang drapes or curtains on seem bigger than they actually are, which can make the room look bigger as well.

You should hang drapes or curtains about a foot above the window frame (or about one inch below the ceiling) and stretch the rods three to six inches away from the window frame sides. A side benefit of doing this is that when you open the drapes or curtains, none of the windows is covered, so you get an unobstructed view outside and you get the maximum amount of natural light.

Another tip that interior designers have for window coverings is that they should be custom-fitted to your home’s windows. While you can find window coverings that claim they fit any size of the window, you will also discover that is usually not the case.

When you have custom-fitted window coverings in your home, then every window covering will fit every window properly. This will mean that you get the maximum aesthetic effect and that you can properly open and close your window coverings easily and without potentially damaging them.

Another tip that interior designers use when they are creating a look and theme for each room in a home is to mix and match different types of window treatments. Many homes are built with monochrome window treatments. Therefore, every window in the home has the same type of window treatment in the same color.

Often, homeowners just accept this monochrome look because they’re so used to seeing it. However, when it’s time to replace your window coverings, you can update the look and theme of the rooms in your home by choosing window coverings that fit the functionality or the purpose of the room.

window covering in Sunnyvale, CA

For example, window shutters might be a good choice for your living room or great room, but you might want to use cellular (honeycomb) window shades for bedrooms because they can block out light and give greater privacy. Similarly, you might want to use roller window shades in your kitchen but use vertical window blinds or curtains in your dining areas.

There are endless combinations of window coverings that you can use to create a unique and inviting feel for each room in your home. So, when you need window coverings, take advantage of the opportunity.

Another tip that interior designers always follow with regard to window coverings is to get the best quality. While you have budget limitations, your window company can work with those to ensure that every window covering you have custom-fitted and installed in your home is the best quality available.

If you sacrifice quality when you’re buying window coverings, you may save a little money upfront, but you will spend much more than you saved down the road – and that road may not be very long.

Quality window coverings will last a long time and they will enhance the beauty of your windows and home for years to come.

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