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I hope your weekend has been one filled with colors and happiness. Today, I have a new client inspiration to share that is the perfect pop of color in these long, winter months!

j liv inspiration smMy client, “J”, wanted a new window treatment for her living room door to add interest and create a focal point. When I walked into her Los Altos home, her contemporary, curve shaped sofa immediately caught my eye. I had to recreate that unique design! I also loved the vibrant colors, especially the purple and green.


j liv design smAs I started to draw out the cornice design, I decided I wanted it to echo the design of the couch, emphasizing the curve shape and repeating the colors. I used multiple layers of the curve in different colors in order for the curve design to stand out when viewed from the front.

The client and I poured over the Sierra Textile book to look for the perfect fabric. They had faux silk in the same green and purple as the sofa, but we still needed to choose the best pattern. After playing around with multiple drawings, we selected the design that would be born into reality.

j liv completion smHere is the finished product, which used a thin, bendable wood to make the curve possible. It added a beautiful sense of interest to the room that the client, as well as family and friends, loved.



I hope you enjoyed hearing about this little make over! What colors inspire you?



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