window shades in Los Altos, CA

When considering replacing window shades in Los Altos, CA, you may not know exactly how to choose the right window covering for the windows in your home.

Window blinds and window shades are two of the most popular types of window treatments that people use in their homes, but many people are aware of how they are alike and how they are different in what they provide.

Both window blinds and window shades are popular home window covering choices because they come in a variety of color, materials, and styles. Here’s a quick summary of how they are similar and how they are different.

The type of window shapes and styles in your home will be one of the factors you consider when you’re choosing between window blinds and window shades. Window blinds, for instance, often work better with bay or bow windows, while window shades work better with picture windows.

Vertical window blinds are often used for sliding windows, where the width is greater than the height, and sliding glass doors, while custom window shades are used to cover long, slim windows.

Window blinds are better at keeping your home cooler in the summer because you can control the angle of the slats to prevent too much sunlight or heat from getting into your home.

Windows shades, on the other hand, work well to keep your home well insulated no matter what the season of the year. The way that window shades are designed enables them to deflect heat during the summer and cold during the winter.

Cellular (honeycomb) window shades are manufactured with air pockets the trap outside air and prevent it from getting inside your home. Cellular window shades work very well in insulating windows so that your home’s internal temperature remains continually comfortable.

Window blinds typically are easier to clean than window shades are. You can simply wipe down window blinds with a damp cloth to remove dust, residue, or grime. However, window shades, which are generally made out of fabric, must be taken down and washed (either by hand or by washing machine) to be cleaned.

Although both window blinds and window shades can be opened and closed by raising and lowering them, window blinds have slats that give you more control over light and ventilation. While you need to raise window shades to allow natural light and ventilation in, window blinds can remain closed, with light and ventilation controlled by the slat positioning instead.

Window blinds work well when you don’t need a lot of privacy and you want more control over how much sunlight enters your room. Blinds are a great option for a family room, hallway, or living room because you can determine how much natural light comes into the room, and because you don’t require complete privacy in any of these rooms.

Window blinds will not offer as much insulation in your home during colder weather, but they will help to keep your home cooler when the weather is hot. Because you can open and close the slats on the window blinds, you have complete control over light filtration. Cordless window blinds will make your home safer for your children and your pets.

Window shades are a good option when you need more privacy and want more variety. Window shades come in many different colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

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