window covering in Palo Alto, CA

When you’re selecting a window covering in Palo Alto, CA for each window in your home, the climate you live in should be one of the considerations you take into account. One of the benefits of window covers is that they can add more insulation to your home and enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

However, not all window coverings have the same insulation capability in all types of climates, so the same amount of energy efficiency will not be experienced in different climate conditions.

For example, window coverings that offer good insulation and enhance energy efficiency in the more moderate southern part of the United States will not be nearly as effective in the colder northeastern part of the country.

Some very specific types of window coverings are designed for these areas where climate extremes (the humid heat of the South and the frigid cold of the Northeast, for example) are normal. Some window coverings work extremely well in areas of the country where sunshine is abundant throughout the year, while other types of window coverings work best in parts of the country where sunshine is not abundant throughout the year.

Likewise, some window coverings perform best in areas of America where temperatures are moderate all year, while other window coverings perform best in the areas of the country where more extreme temperatures are more common during the year.

If you live in a climate that is generally arid, sun-filled, and warm, for example, you will want to have a window covering that is designed to help decrease solar gain (the amount of heat that enters through windows), glare from the sun, and the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) waves.

Two of the best kinds of window coverings to fulfill this purpose in this type of climate are solar shades or sheer shades. Both solar and sheer shades allow abundant natural light to fill your home, while UV rays and solar gain are reduced.

If your home is in a climate that tends to be rainy and cool most of the time, you’ll need window coverings that help reduce heat loss from your home, so that warm air stays in and cold air stays out.

Roman shades are a great window covering for climates that are most often cool and rainy. Since Roman shades are thick and heavy, they work well in keeping drafts and cold air out of your home while keeping warm air inside your home.

Having Roman shades installed in a rainy, cool climate will help make your home more energy efficient, which will also lower your energy costs. Roman shades are a window covering that can keep the interior of your home comfortable no matter what is happening with the weather outside.

Wood blinds are also a very good window covering in climates that are more rainy and cool. Because they fit tightly into window frames, you can be confident that no cold drafts can come into your home, which will make your heating unit run more and make your energy costs greater.

For climates that with high moisture and lots of sunshine, help with humidity will be one of the main purposes of a window covering.

One type of window covering that can protect against the effects of high humidity and UV rays are faux wood blinds. These blinds are made with synthetic materials, yet they look and feel like real wood blinds. They will not warp like wood blinds, nor are they susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

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