window blinds in Palo Alto, CA

You’re considering window blinds in Palo Alto, CA because you know they look great, they’ll fit into the decorating styles you’ve already incorporated into your home, and they are very easy to maintain. You also know that you can have a wide selection of colors to choose from for the window blinds you have installed, and you can get just the right style and material that fits into your lifestyle. With easy maintenance and the option to of motorized operation, window blinds fit all the needs and wants you have for your home’s window coverings.

However, you have one remaining decision to make. Should you get horizontal window blinds or should you get vertical window blinds? While these two types of window blinds may seem to be very similar and a simple matter of preference, they are, in fact, very different from each other and each one offers its own pros and cons.

Horizontal window blinds are the most common type of window blinds that you will find in most homes. They are usually installed on standard-sized windows throughout a home. Their slats are horizontal and are opened and closed by being tilted up or down.

Horizontal window blinds are constructed so that the entire window covering functions as a single unit. Slats are moved in conjunction with each other, so all slats are tilted up or down at the same time with a single action.

The horizontal window blind itself is opened and closed by being raised or lowered using a manual pulley system that is operated using cords or by a cordless motorized system that can be used remotely using a hand-held remote or by using smart technology.

Horizontal window blinds can be made out of heavier materials like wood, composite, or faux wood because of the way they are constructed and the way the weight is distributed throughout the blinds. The slats in horizontal are fairly small, so they give you better control over the amount of outside light that comes into a room when they are tilted.

Additionally, the design of horizontal window blinds makes them naturally heavy and more sensitive to the pull of gravity, so they wouldn’t work well with oversized windows, because the width is too great to achieve a weight balance that would allow them to stay in place or to keep them from falling and causing damage to the walls or window frames they are installed in.

Vertical window blinds have individual slats that are installed vertically. The slats are opened typically opened and closed with a wand that is twisted to the right or left. An entire vertical blind is opened and closed by either being manually pushed to the right or pulled to the left to the left with the same wand that is used to open and close the slats.

Vertical window blinds, like horizontal window blinds, can be motorized or integrated with smart technology to be opened and closed remotely.

Vertical window blinds are typically installed on oversized windows or doors, such as sliding glass doors, where vertical window blinds are not a practical option. Vertical window blinds are also constructed with very lightweight materials, so they are a great solution to the weight balance problem that horizontal blinds inherently have.

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