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You’ve probably heard that cordless window blinds Sunnyvale, CA safe for your home. It’s true. They are also easy to use and help create modern decor. But how do they work?

We explain that and more below.

What Are Cordless Blinds?

First, let’s dispel any assumption you might have about what cordless blinds are. They are window blinds without visible hanging cords and strings. It doesn’t mean they don’t have cords, but rather, it’s tucked away from easy access, especially by children.

This design makes them a versatile choice, fit for use in different window treatments. Asides from blinds, there are also cordless solar shades, blackout shades, and more.

Because of that and their safety benefits, cordless blinds are popular and suited for different rooms.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work

As stated earlier, they are not entirely cordless. Cords are still part of the blinds’ operating mechanism as they keep the fabric or slats together.

However, they are woven inside the material, allowing them to be moved easily as one without having to pull a cord.

There is a lift mechanism in the headrail or bottom rail. With the cords that bind the slats (or fabric) together, it allows you to raise and lower the blinds with one hand.

Some cordless blinds use a spring tension function, similar to a projector screen. It serves the same function as a lift mechanism. It allows you to easily draw the fabric up or down to your desired height.

There are also cordless blinds that use a SafeLock button on the bottom rail. When you press and hold this button, it releases the tension around the strings, allowing you to move the blind up and down to your preferred position.

The string tension returns when you stop pressing the button, locking the slats into place.

As you can see, different cords use different technology to reach the same destination, but they all have the same benefits.

window blinds Sunnyvale CA

Benefits of Cordless Blinds

The obvious number one benefit of this type of window treatment is safety. Without the dangling cords of traditional blinds, there’s less possibility for children and pets to accidentally get caught in it.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about nine children aged 5 and below die yearly from flailing cords in window blinds and other coverings. Going cordless helps prevent this.

Then there’s the aesthetic benefit. Cordless makes a room cleaner, sleeker, and lends itself to a more uniform decor. Having different cordless window coverings allows you to maintain a consistent look that would otherwise be impossible with cords.

Then there’s the fact they are easy to use. It takes less time to raise or lower a cordless blind than a corded one. Less effort too. You only need one hand to control a room’s lighting as you please.

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