window shutters in Menlo Park, CA

These days, lots of people like to create videos to post online and this can mean having the right place in which to do this. One of the considerations you have to have is about acoustics. You need to make sure that the sound is crisp and that you can keep stray noises from outside from being heard. If that is something that you are planning on doing, having the right window coverings is essential. Here are some tips that providers of window shutters in Menlo Park, CA want you to keep in mind when making this choice.

This is one more area in which honeycomb or cellular shades can offer lots of benefits. They are made to be energy efficient because of the layers of insulation that make up each of their cells, but this also means that they can insulate against sound. They offer the kind of protection that you want from stray noises that might from outside so that you can have the clear acoustics that you need for a recording or even if speaking over the phone or through a conference call. The thicker the honeycomb shade, the more protection you will receive. Many of them offer up to sixty percent protection from stray noises, making them ideal for the purpose of acoustics.

Roman shades are another great option. The folds of fabric help absorb sounds so that there is no echo in the room and so that you do not have stray noises that are easily picked up by microphones. Curtains can also offer this, just be sure that there are enough folds in the drapery to offer the dampening of the sound that you want.

You can also layer the window coverings. If you want to have honeycomb shades as well as a curtain, this will offer even more helpwindow shutters in Menlo Park, CA with acoustics. The thing to remember is that you need to have a bit of fabric to get the best results. The thicker it is, the better protection it can offer from stray noises and the less of an echo you will receive.

These days, when more and more people work from home and have to have phone calls and meetings right from one of their rooms, having the right acoustics can be important. You do not want to have noises upsetting any recordings you make or anything of the sort, so be sure to consider these window covering options for help. If you want to learn more about the options that can offer this kind of acoustic protection, you can reach out to a Menlo Park, CA window shutters provider like us at Windows & Beyond, Inc. We have years of experience and we can make certain that you get the exact kind of assistance that you need for your home. You can learn more about what we can offer by giving us a call right now or by stopping by one of our locations to learn more about the services we provide.