window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA

If you are moving to a new place in Mountain View, CA, window blinds and curtains are two popular window treatment options. They are both visually appealing and come in a ton of variety.

Deciding which one to install requires understanding their individual qualities, and that takes research which means time and patience. But you can skip all of that and read this consolidated guide instead.


It is hard to draw a straight line between curtains and blinds when it comes to the cost. The price range depends on a host of factors, such as the material, length, and the number of windows.

There is also the matter of quality and style. For instance, plastic blinds are cheaper than wood blinds, and there are curtains of different grades within that price range.

The most definitive difference, though, is the installation cost if you are hiring a professional.

Curtain installation is more expensive than blind installation. It takes about 20 minutes to install blinds while installing curtains can take an hour.


In a sense, they are both low maintenance, but blinds are easier. Because of their solid, slick surface, you only need a microfiber cloth to remove dust from both sides of the blind. If the dirt is stubborn, a soft cloth moistened with water or a white vinegar and water mixture will do.

For curtains, you need to vacuum from top to bottom to remove dust. Also, when you need to machine wash, you have to take the panels off the rod every time. In some cases, you may have to iron too. It’s not hard to maintain, but it is more involved.

Light Control

Blinds give you greater control over lighting than curtains. Most blinds allow you to tilt the slats, and you can pull the entire blind up or down to let or block sunlight.

But the slat design means no blackouts because even when the blind is closed, light still creeps in through the gaps.

With curtains, you can get blackouts, but you have less control over the lighting. To gain control, you have to layer the curtain, using a sheer fabric for the inner panel and a darker, heavier material for the outer panel.

You can peel back the darker layers when the sun is out to keep the room lit without compromising your privacy.

Energy Efficiency

However, the limited lighting control of curtains means they conserve more energy than blinds. The dark/heavy materials are better at trapping heat and keeping out cold. It also means they are better at soundproofing a room.

That’s not to say blinds are not decent insulators, but the slats mean even when closed, they still let heat out and cold in. If energy efficiency is a big deal for you and you prefer blinds, consider getting blackout cellular blinds.

Visual Appealwindow blinds in Mountain View, CA

Curtains are also more visually appealing and flexible than blinds. There are several curtain styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. They look and feel more luxurious and are operationally elegant. I mean, have you seen curtains draping onto the floor?

The flexibility of curtains in length and shape also makes them suitable for endless decoration ideas. You can create a different look without attracting additional cost.

Blinds, in comparison, have a flat, practical design. The shape is permanent, limiting your design and decoration options. That said, their streamlined design is better suited for minimalist decor.

Unlike curtains which can add unnecessary clutter, blinds tuck neatly against windows can even be visually charming in certain contexts like a small kitchen window.

So, which is better? Either one has its advantages, but the truth is you don’t have to choose. Combining them is a practical and stylish decision in itself.

Whichever style you decide to go for, we sell and install curtains and windows blinds in Mountain View, CA, tailored to taste. Call us now for a virtual design consultation or visit us to chat with our designers.