window covering in Sunnyvale CA

Most people looking for a window covering in Sunnyvale, CA, settle for either traditional curtains or blinds. But what if you did something different?

Some of our favorite homeowners have created alternative window treatments, and here are six of the ones we love.

1. Stained Glass

The inherent aesthetic of clear glass is unmatched until you try a stained glass design. It is a sophisticated option if you are the colorful, artful type.

You get all the privacy of using curtains while still letting natural light through. On top of that, you get a colourful glow in the room that gives it a softer, cozier atmosphere.

The best thing about this idea? It works in any room.

2. Plants

Instead of curtains, why not plants? They create plenty of visual interest, are dynamic enough to spark conversation, and they are just generally good vibes.

Having a living garden in front of your window not only provides a natural cover but also gives your home a pleasant, positive feel.

And it’s not hard to set up (doable with ropes or floating shelves), and the plant options are numerous. You can stagger hanging ivy, succulents, and other desirable potted plants.

3. Lace

We are in the age of recycling, so how about turning that old lace into window treatment?

The material is lightweight and has intricate patterns that catch the eye. It offers a modest level of privacy while still allowing light to pass through.

You can use a lace ribbon, stacks of doilies, or a lace tablecloth. If you like the idea but don’t have any of these, you could buy a window cling with a lace-like pattern.

Once you have it, cut up the lace to fit your window panels and apply it with an adhesive. It’s great for kitchen and bathroom windows.

4. Frosted Glass

A side benefit to going without curtains is you save a lot of money, and frosted glass is one of the cheapest alternatives.

It’s a panel or two of window cling on the glass, and it is available in different designs. In return, you get an engaging window that lets natural light through yet provides ample privacy.

Admittedly, it may not be many people’s first choice for a living room. Still, it is an appropriate option for offices and bathrooms.

5. Rustic Privacy Screen

Ultimately, your decor should reflect your personality. You will like this rustic privacy screen design if you enjoy vintage designs.

It is inspired by old farm-style gates made from tongue-and-groove pine boards and hinges. You can replicate the design with your preferred materials.

This curtain alternative is perfect for any room with a large bay window.

6. Mirrors

If you don’t mind turning your window space into something even more functional, consider hanging a mirror in the window.

You could use a picture wire or fixed metal support. It fills the window enough to create privacy while light still filters in when properlywindow covering in Sunnyvale CA placed.

Plus, it gives you extra interior decor design options. For instance, if you choose this style for your bathroom windows, you could move the sink in front of them.

These are just some of the ways to dress a window without curtains. If you prefer standard alternatives like shutters and blinds or curtains to mix things up, call us to discuss all your window covering needs in Sunnyvale, CA.